Gedi Prime Offering Peace Of Mind For All Your Tax And Business Needs

Gedi Prime Offering Peace Of Mind For All Your Tax And Business Needs
Janet Cruz / 15 Dec 2022 / No Comments » Comments

By Janet Cruz

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The end of 2022 is near and tax season will soon be here. Help with taxes, bookkeeping or accounting  is something worth looking into. Gedi Prime is always ready to help with individual and business needs.

Gedi Prime  has been in business for more than 10 years and is family owned and operated. The late David Wanzek worked as a Certified Personal Accountant prior to 2018 until the business  currently known as Gedi Prime, was taken on and managed by Wanzek’s Daughter and owner Amanda Wanzek-Samons.

Wanzek-Samons is no stranger to the business. She  worked and trained under CPA professionals and has undergone extensive knowledge on all elements of running an accounting office.

Gedi Prime Offices

Gedi Prime Office Photo Courtesy Facebook

Wanzek-Samons is AFSP Certified recognized IRS tax preparer and is a Quick Books Certified Pro Advisor.

Some of the services Gedi Prime Offers  include; tax preparation for businesses and individuals, bookkeeping and payroll services.

“We offer bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and quarterly preparation. We also prepare the proper tax forms according to which state a business would need to file under so that businesses don’t have to stress about whether they are filing properly or not,” said Julie, Wilson Payroll Manager at Gedi Prime.

Gedi Prime can assist clients to set up EFTPS which is how businesses make payments, and also provide the option to have payments made on behalf of the business as well.

“It’s just one less thing for business owners to worry about,” adds Wilson.

For more information on Gedi Prime, visit its website at or call  928-453-7377, or email the team at

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