Havasu Pioneers Planning Big 50-Year Celebration

Havasu Pioneers Planning Big 50-Year Celebration
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As memories go, those of Lake Havasu City Pioneers rank right up there and are going to be on full display during the 50th Anniversary of the dedication of the London Bridge after its reconstruction.

The two-day event begins Oct. 30 with the London Bridge Days Parade, followed by a party in the park.

The second day – Oct. 31 – features a dedication of memorial bricks under the bridge, followed by a picnic for the Pioneers.

Both events are free.

All official Pioneers will be telling a story of the history of the London Bridge. Everyone will be wearing blue shirts regardless of parade category to tie them all together.

Each parade category will have a banner announcing its particular history. It is a great opportunity to celebrate being a Lake Havasu City Pioneer.

Please read the parade categories carefully and comment in this post which category was chosen.

Here are the parade categories to choose from. The parade procession will be lined up in chronological order.

  • Sailboat carrying Sheila McCulloch and family
  • Holly Jeep salesman (room for 6 salesman)
  • Covered wagon with the Pioneers (Riders will be first generation only)
  • All generations are welcome. We are now on our fifth generation. Behind the covered wagons, there will be walkers of all ages including strollers.
  • McCulloch chain saw float. (float is full, walkers welcome)
  • Local businesses by 1973 (some were still in business, some are Long gone. The ones that are gone can be represented by holding their banner while walking.)
  • Little red schoolhouse float this is for the teachers that opened Smoketree Elementary and Lake Havasu High School. (there will be a special category for the kids that rode the bus to Kingman and to Topock. Another category for the class of ‘71. Then the rest ‘70 to ‘76 alumni will follow walking behind them.
  • The London Bridge float Why last? Because all of this other stuff happened before the grand opening of the bridge in 1971.


Following the parade, there will be a party in the park. All Pioneers are welcome at London Bridge Beach – formerly known as State Beach. This will be a great way to enjoy a meet and greet and to talk after the parade. Look for the group by the stage area. This is a bring your own no host event.

For questions or more information, contact Toni Trembley Ade on her Facebook messenger.

photo courtesy Toni Ade


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