Havasu Skate Nights More Popular Than Ever

Havasu Skate Nights More Popular Than Ever
Nicole Matheson / 01 Mar 2022 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Nicole Matheson

Through friendship and with sheer determination, many great things are possible. When it looked like the beloved event Havasu Skates was through, three friends brought their talents and resources together to keep it going. They are Havasuvians Summer Moore, Tiffiany Tomera and Evoni Nichole – all on a mission.

“In 2019, a small group of local roller-skating enthusiasts got together and created a Facebook group called, ‘Havasu Skates,’ where we could connect with other local skaters and plan ‘bring your own skates’ meet-ups.” Moore said. “I began the role of Event Coordinator and Promoter, contacting our DJ and coordinating dates and times around our schedules. Then promoting  and advertising our agreed-upon event dates and times on social media (Facebook and Instagram.)”

But in late 2021, their DJ and founding member, Chris Neon moved. “He provided all the music and lighting for our skate night events,” Moore said. “Shortly after Chris moved, Evoni and Tiffiany approached me with an idea to create a new team, where the three of us could keep Havasu Skates alive.”

The trio organizes a skate night every month at SARA Park’s Rotary Rink where all are welcome. “For those that don’t skate, enjoy the DJ and the company of your friends,” Tomera said.

And it’s free. “There were a few nights it was just us,” Nichole said. “It’s growing and I’m so excited.” Now, the event draws out between 150 and 200 skaters and spectators.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this and create something amazing for the community,” said Tomera, whose company WAM Events is now hosting the events.

“I provide liability insurance, licensing and handle the business aspects. This also includes sponsorships, vendors, advertising, marketing and DJ bookings. You will also see me out there at the rink before the event setting up lights and our sponsor banners. I’ve worked in the event business since 2004.”

Nichole says that each of the three friends does, “Whatever it takes to make sure we can have a fun, free activity for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a simple call to the right person.”

Moore and Tomera were once clients of Nichole’s, whose passion is hair styling as well as extensions. “I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to assist in making sure our community continues to keep the magic!”

Havasu Skate Night

Havasu Skate Night. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene


The future looks bright for these three, and for Havasu in general. Moore said, “I mentioned the longtime dream of opening an indoor roller rink in Havasu and they both said, ‘Let’s do it!'” Tomera added, “Our ultimate goal is to fundraise within the community to open up an indoor, year-round, climate controlled roller rink for the community as well as our vacationers.”

Nichole said, “This is going to be an amazing beginning to an incredible journey. I’m working with two of the most intellectual women I’ve ever met. They’re compassionate and driven individually. Now we put them together? Only magic.”

Their passion for skaing comes from a childhood of enjoying skating activities as well as an interest in creating activities for today’s children and families.

“There isn’t too much for kids to do here aside from water activities,” Tomera said. “So if we can change that and make a positive impact on the community, that’s what counts. People smiling and having fun makes my heart smile.”

The next skate night is set for March 12, from 7  to 10 p.m. All are welcome.

Jim Thacker dj’s at Havasu Skate Night. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Havasu Skate Night

Summer Moore, Cal Sheehy, Tiffiany Tomera and Evoni Nichole pose for a photo at Havasu Skate Night. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

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