Havasu Students’ Favorites: Jamaica Elementary

Havasu Students’ Favorites: Jamaica Elementary
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I am Amanda Hernandez and I am a sixth-grader at Jamaica Elementary school. My favorite teacher is my homeroom teacher Mrs. Ulmer. There are several reasons to why she is my favorite. Mrs. Ulmer makes her lessons and whatever she does fun. She doesn’t just tell us what to do and then do it. She makes learning in her classroom entertaining. Mrs. Ulmer also tries to get along with her students and connect with them. She treats her students like real people and not just students that come in and leave. She allows students to have a mind of their own and not making them think what she thinks they shouldn’t know or believe. Mrs. Ulmer tries to do whatever she can to help out students and our school in general. I have also previously written an orchid in the Lake Havasu newspaper about Mrs. Ulmer being a great teacher. Some students may not agree with my choosing for a favorite teacher, but I believe that Mrs. Ulmer is and always will be one of the best teachers I have ever had.

*My favorite teacher is Mrs. Franz and she helps me with my math and she is very organized.I like her stories and she is funny and makes me happy. Justin Gilmore 1st Grade-Jamaica

*My 6th grade teacher, Mrs.Ulmer at Jamaica Elementary is the best teacher ever! She is the best teacher ever because she is willing to go above and beyond for each and every student! She treats all students like family which I appreciate. She is also a very energetic. She has taught me so much, in what feels like a short amount of time. Mrs.Ulmer has taught me how to make inferences which is a logical conclusion based on your prior knowledge. She has also taught us students figurative language and transitional sentences. All in all the skills she has taught have helped my reading skills grow. Mrs.Ulmer at Jamaica elementary is truly the best teacher ever! Writer- Hudson Brubaker, School-Jamaica elementary

*Hi my name is Karley Wade and I go to Jamaica Elementary school and my favorite teacher is Mrs. Ulmer because she treats students like people, instead of students that just come and go. Mrs. Ulmer teaches in a way that no other teacher does, she teaches with energy and she is very nice about it. She making learning fun and enjoyable. You can always trust Mrs. Ulmer for anything, she is always there for you. Since the beginning of the school year I knew I would love her so much. Not only does she teach us in a way that we love, but she explains very well too. Mrs. Ulmer pays attention to what students need to say and their questions. She brings up up when you’re down, and understands you. These are just a few of the many reasons why Mrs. Ulmer is my favorite teacher.

*Mrs. Ulmer is one of the best teachers I have ever had at Jamaica Elementary in Lake Havasu City, due to her caring toward all of her students. I have learned not only 6th-grade reading standards from her but also valuable life lessons that can be remembered forever. She has always wanted to see her students succeed in everything that they do. Mrs. Ulmer makes students look forward to being in her class, for the reason that she will make sure that you are always trying your best and having fun. As sixth graders we are always overlooked by other teachers just for the reason that we are always doing work, but what we really need is time to enjoy our last year in elementary school. Mrs. Umler is always ready there for us with something fun and exciting to accomplish in school. In her classroom we are considered a family or a team, and she makes sure we care and look out for each other. Mrs. Ulmer is truly an amazing person to be around by how she cares and appreciates her students and her positive attitude is always inspiring. From:Kylie Maloney

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