Havasu Students’ Favorites: Starline Elementary

Havasu Students’ Favorites: Starline Elementary
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*I nominate Mrs. Hagest for my favorite teacher. I nominate her for favorite teacher because she always goes out of her way to give us fun things to do. For example, we got to go to the Arizona Science Center, which was fun. And in a few weeks from now, we are going to the Grand Canyon. She also lets us do some cool science experiments, like how to remove the color off of skittles, or will a gummy bear absorb water (some of them even had mold growth on them after they absorbed water), not to mention the time we were doing an experiment with earthworms and my friend Paige got emotionally attached to the earthworm our group had, Jerry. She will show us Steve Spangler videos. One time, we made a cloud in a bottle, which actually looked like one. Sometimes we get to play around with dry ice (Frozen CO2), with proper safety of course. She always keeps me next to my friends in class, no matter how many times she moves desks, Me, Kenzie, and Paige always sit together. That is just about as much as I can fit about why I nominate my teacher for favorite teacher in one paragraph, there is a lot more about her but I can’t fit it in one paragraph. Logan G.-Starline

*It is my great pleasure that I nominate my fourth-grade homeroom teacher: Mrs. Stancil. Mrs. Stancil is my choice because she also ways helps students who have trouble understanding the topic. She cares about students and their problems in school. She cares if students do well. She wants every single one of her students to do well in school and to live a nice happy life. These are just a few of the reasons why I chose her to be one of my nominations. Every teacher needs a good personality, and Mrs. Stancil has an amazing one. She’s funny, sweet, kind, and a great problem solver. So what do you think? Did I make the right choice? It’s up to you. Molly W.-Starline

*My nomination for my favorite teacher is Mrs. Trejo. She is my favorite teacher because she is very funny. Also, because we did all sorts of fun projects. Another reason is she never got very angry. She loved to do math and I love to do math. Finally, she was crazy and shared funny stories with us. Cade B. – Starline

*Let me tell you why I think Miss Shepherd is my favorite teacher. She is so kind. She lets us tell her about our problems with other teachers without saying, “That’s rude,” or “You shouldn’t take about that.” Instead, she actually tries to solve the problem. She also deals with our class and tries to quietly calm us down (and it works) instead of screaming at us to stop talking. She also highly appreciates gifts and doesn’t just say “thank you” with a straight face and then never uses it. Miss Shepherd is an amazing music teacher. Kalynn J.-Starline

*I would like to nominate Mrs. Hagest. She is by far the best teacher I’ve ever had, and I’m very sure she’ll always be my favorite. No matter what she does to discipline us, or just me directly, I’ve never felt mad at her. I’ve always seen her reasoning behind everything she does, from math homework to a huge project. I appreciate her so much, and I hope lots of people have her as a teacher. Mackenzie Z.-Starline

*I nominate Mrs. Trejo as my favorite teacher because of her method of teaching. Her teaching stuck to me because of the fun and silliness in her teaching. It made me feel better when the day had ended. The whole experience of 4th grade helped me learn a lot in school. I am certain when I nominate Mrs. Trejo. Colin C.-Starline

*It would be my pleasure to nominate Mrs. Hagest as the best teacher in the Lake Havasu Unified School District. Mrs. Hagest currently teaches 5th and 6th-grade gifted education at Starline Elementary School and has been teaching at Starline for 4 years now. Not only is she really enthusiastic, but also really interactive with her teachings. In fact, this Earth Day, we made these cute little “desktop terrariums.” We placed moss, pebbles, and our choice of a plant, inside a little jar that we can place on our desktop. Last week’s science we used candy dots (a.k.a. “atoms”) to explain our science equation of how plants get food. While learning about Ancient Egypt in social studies, we had a friendly competition with other classmates and grouped into groups like “Memphis” and then built maps of the Nile River and mini pyramids. Mrs. Hagest also likes to challenge us with math and encourages us to try our hardest in all we do. This is why I think Mrs. Hagest should be our nominee. Zoey Z.-Starline

*Dear River Scene Magazine,
I want to nominate Bridget Hagest from Starline Elementary for the favorite teacher award. I feel she is a very favorable teacher. She is also very well known in the district. So many people would probably agree with me. First, she teaches in a way we all like and she takes many different ways to do something. She may be mean sometimes, but she NEVER turns into an evil beast that tries to eat us. Second, she does lots of fun things with us. She does fun science experiments with us and other things. Lastly, she really just is awesome. My essay may not be the best and it may not win but I just want Mrs. Hagest to know I love her and she is my favorite teacher! Karly B.-Starline

*I would like to nominate Mrs. Hagest from Starline Elementary School for being the best teacher you could ask for. She is caring, funny, giving, cool, and great. She is super smart and can teach you so much- not just math and reading- but she teaches about life. She believes in every one of her students and she makes sure they believe also. She shows so much grit and passion to teach. Mrs. Hagest gives her students confidence and makes us believe we can accomplish our goals. My fellow classmates and I have enjoyed every moment with her this year. Caylee C.-Starline

*I am super happy to nominate Miss Shepherd. She is an amazing teacher. She is fun and cheery, kind, and has a big heart. She teaches us music, and I love every moment of it. I really like her because when she teaches us music, I can clearly understand everything she says. When she teaches us songs she lets us play instruments to help with the beat. We play the xylophone. We learn the artist of the week. A previous one is the Pentatonix. The only teacher that teaches us this is Miss Shepherd. This is why I nominate her. Megan J.-Starline

*I nominate Miss Shepherd because she makes learning music fun. She is one of the nicest people I know. She will make you happy when you are sad. I personally nominate Miss Shepherd. Kylee S.-Starline

*I nominate Mrs. Hagest as the best teacher in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Mrs. Hagest is the first teacher I had in LHC, and she has raised a high bar. Not only is she energetic and kind, but she helps us experience things other kids don’t our age. These things include showing us how to budget, seeing what it is like to manage your life, such as your job and utilities, and helping us learn about what life can be through “Hagest Stories.” These are a few out of many things that Mrs. Hagest helps us with. Also, she helps us do these quarter-long projects, Envision, that help us learn more and more about a lot of different things. The first quarter we did the travel expo. This Envision was based on planning a vacation, like where to go and how to stay inside our $3,500 budget. The second Envision project was about picking, applying to, and going to schools and jobs. This final project we are doing an Envision on where we will be living after college, managing our money and jobs from the last Envision, and basically just creating what we would do in the world after school. From what I just wrote, I hope you can see why I strongly think Mrs. Hagest should get the title of the Best Teacher in LHC, and why I nominated her. She is a very great teacher and deserves the title. I hope you consider her for the best teacher in LHC.

*I can’t pick just one favorite teacher, I have loved all of them in different ways and for different reasons! Mrs. Waller for being so kind and sweet, Mrs. Romm for making sure my handwriting was beautiful, Mrs smith for encouraging me and making me do my best And Mrs. Bowman has always held a special spot with me she has done so much for me and has always been so caring and sweet and still cares how well I’m doing! Thank you to ALL the Starline teachers ❤️ Kendall Ferguson

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