High Tech Lending Is Here To Help With Reverse Mortgages

High Tech Lending Is Here To Help With Reverse Mortgages
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Seniors are sometimes challenged with juggling mortgage payments, medical expenses and more. There comes a time in life when paying bills does not mean peace of mind has to suffer.

A reverse mortgage through HighTechLending Inc. can help folks over 62 who are eligible live the life they want and deserve.

With a reverse mortgage, the lending company pays off the original mortgage loan. A reverse mortgage is then set in place where instead of a monthly payment being made to lower the principal amount, the interest is added to the end balance of the loan amount. The loan is then settled once the house is sold, removing the stress of a monthly payment.

An eliminated monthly payment means more money today for the daily activities that make every day special; more time doing what you love with the ones you love.

The program is ideal for retirees, widows/widowers, and those who want to thrive instead of just survive.

The High Tech Lending Team is Gina Lazzaro, Reverse Mortgage Loan Processor, and Don Marginson, Reverse Mortgage Specialist , NMLS: 999496.

Don Marginson, Reverse Mortgage Specialist

“I am here in Havasu, people call me, and I tell them to come down and we sit across the table from each other and I’ll explain how reverse mortgages work, the advantages, right here face-to-face,” Mariginson said.

As the 10th largest Reverse Mortgage company in the nation,  HighTechLending Inc. – Lake Havasu branch office – has helped their customers eliminate their monthly house payment with a reverse mortgage since 2005.

Every scenario is different, and the beginning of each meeting covers common misconceptions of a reverse mortgage.

“I have very frank conversations with people. If we are able to do a reverse mortgage for then, we can pay off their mortgage and get rid of their house payment. They get to stay in their homes. A reverse mortgage helps them do that. I love the feeling of helping others,” he said.

Eligibility for a reverse mortgage:


  • Over 62 years of age
  • Sufficient equity in your home
  • Reasonable credit
  • Enough income to manage income taxes, and daily expenses

Visit HighTechLending, Inc. to learn if a reverse mortgage is right for you.

Make an appointment today:
Don Marginson: (928)-727-0480
Office: (928)-855-2633
Email: dmarginson@hightechlending.com

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