Jaci Greeno: This Girl Is On Fire

Jaci Greeno: This Girl Is On Fire
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By Grace Usher

Teenagers may be overloaded with school, drama and the adjustments into adulthood, but many find escape through art. So is the story of Jaci Greeno, a senior who finds her peace in the art of song.

Since she was able to make sound, Greeno, 17, has made song. Her talent has been reflected in her actions her entire life. She recalls reading the notes of her mother’s journal reflecting when Jaci was a toddler: “I remember my mom used to keep a journal on me. At 2 years old, she wrote, ‘Jaci was walking around the house singing today.’”

Greeno is a born and raised Havasu native.

Her parents also have a love of music and shared their joy in it with young Jaci. Her father taught her how to play piano at 4 years old; her first completed song being “Yankee Doodle Dandy.”

This instrument is her communication without words. To Greeno, her expression comes through her fingertips onto the keys.

Her mother is a singer as well. She always encouraged Greeno, however, she never needed to be coerced into belting out ballads or methodizing melodies. To Jaci, it was as natural as breathing.

“My mother is always supporting me no matter what, even if I am not pushing myself hard enough for music, she is always pep-talking me. And gets me back up and going, pushes me to get up every day. “

Jaci Greeno

Erin O’Callaghan/RiverScene

Throughout her journey with music, Greeno has explored many genres, finding resonance in alternative rock artists such as Avril Lavigne to now more gentle, emotional artists such as Tori Kelly. Once song she loves currently is “Yours” by Ella Henderson.

For the past four years of high school, she has been a member of the Knights Voices, the honor choir of Lake Havasu High School.

During the weekends, Greeno has performed her favorite mellow covers at Octane Wine Garage.

“It’s very relaxed there and such a great environment.”

She primarily performs solo but has said she is open to the idea of accompaniment for special songs. To prepare for her shows, she fills up on cool water, warm tea and much honey and lemon.

When not singing her heart away, Greeno has participated in group sports such as soccer and tennis. She has now decided to retire her soccer career to pursue her singing and focus on studies.

Though she has not explored the creative forms as much as singing, she is also interested in sketching and painting.    

Her plans post-graduation are to go to either Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University.

“I want to study psychology but maybe minor in music. I would love that.”

She is a lover of reading and learning in class. She is as passionate as she is a hard worker, giving full dedication to whatever her task may be.

For more information on her upcoming shows, or opportunities for her to entertain at your business, contact her here.


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