K.I.N.D. Project: Lake Havasu High School

K.I.N.D. Project: Lake Havasu High School
Grace Usher / 13 Apr 2018 / No Comments » Comments

By Grace Usher

Recognizing positive students was the aim at Lake Havasu High School Friday.

The school’s system, Positive Referrals, highlights those individuals who “make [LHHS] a more positive place though [their] courage, faith, justice, generosity, hope, mercy, nobility, and other acts of kindness.”

This week, six students were announced in partnership with RiverScene’s K.I.N.D. students.

The Human Bean donated gift cards to each recipient to thank them for their kind gesture.

Here are the students who were recognized this week:

Maritza Campista, 10th Grade

“Maritza never shies away from a challenge. The last one to stay for her AZMerit Writing, will be successful because of her work ethic and courage to go deeply and try deeply.”

Shaelynne Ivy, 12th Grade

“Shelynne lives a life of character, she embodies this virtue with her work ethic and especially when no one is looking.”

Destanie Zamora, 11th Grade

“Destanie shows courage by being true to herself in the face of difficult circumstances with courage by reaching out.”

Armando Chavez, 12th grade

“Armando is always kind to everyone and is [his teacher’s] only student with perfect attendance and has completed all of his credit recovery classes.”

Nick Fonte, 11th Grade

“I am polite, kind, and I put others before myself. I have a lot of courage and hope.”

Justin Becker, 12th Grade (Not pictured)

“Justin had another student bother him but he handled it calmly and went back to work.”

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