LHUSD Kindergarten Preview Night Prepares Families And Kids For School

LHUSD Kindergarten Preview Night Prepares Families And Kids For School
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By Janet Cruz

Kindergarten is a milestone for so many families and their children. Enrolling a child in elementary school for the first time can be a bittersweet time and families may have lots of questions.

To get future students and their families informed, Kindergarten Preview Night hosted by two local Lake Havasu schools, is hoping to show families what they can expect at school.

Kindergarten Preview Night will include a tour around classrooms, playgrounds, facilities and even a glimpse of curriculum used in the classroom on Feb. 27, from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“It’s a chance to also meet some of our parent volunteers, and connect your child with some of our student ambassadors to help them get to know our LHUSD schools,” says Andrea Helart Communications and Outreach Coordinator at Lake Havasu Unified School District.

Students and their families living in the south end of Lake Havasu City may attend the preview night session at Jamaica Elementary school, or on the northside of town at Havasupai Elementary also on Feb. 27.

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“It’s hard as a parent to drop off your child to someone else for the first time. We are hoping to ease that feeling and show families we are part of the community and welcome them in. There will also be a chance for them to speak to staff members, student council members and our stakeholders,” says Tamara Yates, Principal at Havasupai Elementary.

“Preview night also gives parents a chance to ask more questions and take the tour before official registration in March,” Yates adds.

Official kindergarten registration is March 1 from 6 to 7 p.m., at all elementary schools.

Kindergarten Boot Camp takes place June 1-29, from 8 a.m. to noon. Parents who register their child for the fall, also have the opportunity to enroll their children into the summer program.

If you have questions regarding the event, please email Andrea Helart at communications@lhusd.org or call the district office at 928-505-6900.

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