By Nicole Matheson

Today is a day of remembrance as well as patriotism, and one way we can express both is to show the American flag proudly at homes or businesses. This is made easier than ever with the help of the Kiwanis Flag Program in Lake Havasu City that will deliver a 3 foot by 5 foot American flag to your home or business on six major holidays in the morning, then take it down that evening for $40 a year.

Stephanie Whittecar places a flag in a yard Friday morning. Photo courtesy Stephanie Whittecar

An amazing 650 flags are being placed for subscribers to the program in honor of Patriot Day, 9/11. This effort is made not only by the Kiwanis Club, but the Lake Havasu High School Athletic Booster Club. Tammie Bohnker, of the Booster Club, shared some behind the scenes facts about this over 30-year service.

“This year, the Booster Club set it up for parents to earn part of their child’s sports fees by committing to do a route,” Bohnker said. There are currently 27 routes taken in the process of placing flags. “We now also have Girl Scouts and Sea Scouts using this to raise money for their troop events.”

Nancy Seine places a flag in a yard Friday morning. Photo courtesy Nancy Seine

And that $40 subscription fee? The money stays local with the projects Kiwanis has as well as helping the Booster Club and Band Boosters.

“This is our first time to do Patriot Day, so it’s kind of exciting!” Bohnker said.

Take an extra moment to appreciate the American  flag today, and  to participate, email to receive a form to fill out. Subscription cost is $40 a year and display a flag provided and placed by the club today, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriot Day, Veteran’s Day and Pearl Harbor Day.

Ron Harmon places a flag in a yard Friday morning. photo courtesy Stephanie Whittecar

Josh Caton of the LHHS Swim Team places a flag in Tracey Culwell’s yard Friday morning on 9/11. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

4 Responses to “Kiwanis And LHHS Booster Club Places 650 Flags For Subscribers In Honor Of Patriot Day”

  1. Avatar Tammie Petrushkin says:

    Sign us up!

  2. Avatar Michaeleen Kozlowski says:

    Awesome program, Thank you

  3. Avatar Tammie Petrushkin says:

    We want to be included in this flag tradition.

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