Lake Havasu Unified School District Welcomes New Teachers

Lake Havasu Unified School District Welcomes New Teachers
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By Janet Cruz

A new school year means new uniform shirts, supplies, the return of morning routines and new educators.

Forty- four new teachers are set to start the 2023-24 school year at schools within the Lake Havasu Unified School District.

Before they can begin, all new instructors spend a week learning and brushing up on their preparation skills in the classroom.

“New educators spend six days learning about setting up an optimal learning environment in their classrooms including developing a positive class culture, setting up routines, procedures and rules,” said Christie Olsen, Professional Learning and Cognitive Coach with the Lake Havasu Unified School District.

LHUSD Lake Havasu City Teacher Orientation LHHS schools RiverScene Magazine

Teachers spend the day at LHHS in the library for orientation. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Additionally, each instructor also learns how to support special populations, included gifted, English Learner( EL), and Individualized Educational Plans (IEPS) students. They also learn to plan instructional units and lessons to implement during the school year.

During their learning, the various PTOs and Booster Clubs along with the Delta Kappa Gamma, and other businesses and organizations such as Mortgage West Financial, Lake Havasu Realtors Association, the K-12 Foundation, Calvary Baptist Church, and the LHCEA, host a breakfast for the new teachers.

Anderson Autogroup donated  school district shirts to every educator.

Instructors are also able to learn about the assessments and systems used in the district to help their students before they return to the classroom.

“Together with their site mentors, they are also there setting up their classroom,” Olsen said.

“We are most looking forward to seeing students return on their first day. After 32 years working for the school district, I still love the first day of school.”

Other professional coaches involved in the training and orientation include: Larry Olsen, District Math Coach, Tania Gray, Curriculum Instructor/ Coach, Jamie Thuneman, Assessment and Accountability Coach, Jackie Murphy, Technology Coach and Tessa Cross, Special Education teacher on assignment.

For more information on the Lake Havasu Unified School District, visit .

Welcome to the following educators joining the LHUSD.

Jacob Allen, Chirdee Amante, Derek Arnell, Kris Garry, Phillip Hansen, Dorrine Hubbard, Barbara Huntting, Jasmine King, Elisa Marie Labrador, Chasitee Leon, Lovejoy Lugtu, Olivia Maldonado, Felicita Mariano, James McCabe, Mayotta Martel, Megan Montoya, Kristi Nielson, Jenna Pritchard, Lena Saiz, Claire True, LuAnn Vanpool, Kelly Anne Viernes, Vicki Wicks, Tara Winchestor, Kellee Wyse, Tessa Chiesa, Trevor Damin, Darren Huntting, Mon Cholo Cabanig, Laura Turlington, Cailyn Layton, Aurora Crutchfield, Greg Dyer, Bailey Sladeck, Megan Weidman, Cassidy Fitzerald, Sean Watkins, Micah Johnson, Savanna Vandenheuvel, Bobbi Cheney, Hannah Clark, Rachel Cooper, Cheri Dotson, Deborah Gafford.

LHUSD new teachers Lake Havasu City, AZ. RiverScene Magazine 2023

New LHUSD teachers pose on the steps at LHHS for a photo during teacher orientation. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene




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