Lakeview Community Church Honors HRMC First Responders

Lakeview Community Church Honors HRMC First Responders
Becky Maxedon / 16 Apr 2020 / 1 Comment » Comments

Across the country, communities have come together to honor their hometown front line responders fighting against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. And Lake Havasu City is no different.

Today, Worship Pastor and administrator at Lakeview Community Church Kristin Ray, her father Pastor Dale Ray, and churchgoers  visited Havasu Regional Medical Center to let the health care professionals there know they care.

“We wanted them to be remembered today. These are amazing, selfless people on the front lines of this battle, and we wanted them to know they were seen and honored. We are praying for them and we appreciate their compassion and courage,” Kristin Ray said.

Lake View Community Church goers hold signs to show their appreciation to HRMC staff Thursday morning. photo courtesy Dora Roy, RN

Dale Ray echoed her remarks, saying, “We are concerned about them and their families as they return home from their shifts. We wanted them to know that we are believing God to supply them with strength and wisdom as they care for our community.”

Kristin Ray said they really wanted to bring attention to and honor the selfless people working to save lives and take care of the Lake Havasu community.

“It was amazing to see the community come out in support of or staff to offer prayers and show their love. I, along with many of our employees, were touched by their kindness and thoughtfulness. We have fantastic caregivers who are doing a great job taking care of patients in this unprecedented time,” said Mike Patterson, Chief Executive officer for Havasu Regional Medical Center.

photo courtesy Erin Van Cleave.

“To those citizens holding their signs and telling us thank you for all we do, made me feel so good inside. Like they really appreciate what we do. I love my job. It’s kind of hard to explain it. We as health care professionals, do it because we love what we do. It’s our calling. When groups of people stand outside the hospital and do what they did, it really makes you realize what an impact we have on their lives. Last week we had notes on our windows and balloons tied all over the parking lot. It was so cool,” said ACU/PACU RN Dora Roy.

“It makes your heart feel so good knowing our community is behind us. We are in this together,” said HRMC administrative assistant for medical staff Erin Van Cleave.

photo courtesy Erin Van Cleave

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  1. Kristin says:

    Thanks to Pastor Dale Ray of Lakeview Community Church.

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