Leadership Lake Havasu And Community Host Groundbreaking At Rotary Park

Leadership Lake Havasu And Community Host Groundbreaking At Rotary Park
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By Janet Cruz

Community members, alongside this year’s Leadership Lake Havasu Class of 2024 gathered at Rotary Community Park for a special ground breaking ceremony on its new project that will benefit the all-abilities community in Lake Havasu City.

“This year, our class decided to come up with a legacy project which will include a special swing set and mobility mats,” said Leadership Lake Havasu Class Project Manager Leonard Lacy.

The special abilities swing set will be located at Rotary Community Park, which will allow children of all abilities to access a swing that accommodates those who cannot use typical swings found at most parks. Aside from the swing sets, mobility mats or “Mobi Mats” will also be part of the plan which will allow a few access pathways for those with mobility restrictions.

A plan for the Mobi Mats is on display at Rotary Park for the ground breaking. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Leadership Lake Havasu Class participants every year are tasked with a class project that raises funds for the Chamber Foundation For Education and Leadership. It is also a leadership development program designed to educate individuals to assume leadership roles within the Lake Havasu City community.

ADA Swingset

Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce Membership Manager and Leadership Project Manager Leonard Lacey speak to those in attendance at ground breaking ceremony.  Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

“I am really proud of this years project,” said  Lake Havasu Foundation For Education and Leadership Vice Chair,  Becky Goldberg. “This project is something that is very personal to me and very well needed in the community.  To see such a large group of individuals come together very well to plan this project makes me extremely excited.”

ADA Swingset CHamber of Commerce Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Chamber staff, City officials and Lake Havasu Foundation Chairs at ground breaking Monday morning Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

“I think it’s great for all the kids. I also myself have a special needs child so this is really neat,” said Milemarkers Special Needs Mentor Kimberly Casanova.

Milemarkers clients pose for a photo where the new accessible swings will be placed.  Clients found out about the new accessible swing set while on an outing at Rotary Park Monday morning. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

The city of Lake Havasu initially had thought of a plan which was  included in the city’s five year plan, along with the Rotary Club,  that’s when Lacy knew he and his classmates could make it happen this year with the help of community donations.

“We looked through some of the files and decided to add to the plan by increasing the number of Mobi Mats around the community.  Mobi  Mats  will also be found around the channel,” Lacy said.

Lake Havasu City officials,  Mayor Cal Sheehy, Vice Mayor David Lane,  Council Members, Nancy Campbell, Cameron Moses were among the attendees, as well as Lake Havasu Chamber President and CEO Andrea Helart, Chamber staff and  Lake Havasu Foundation For Education and Leadership board members.

According to Vice Chair Becky Goldberg, a special donor appreciation event will take place at a future date to celebrate all those who donated to this year’s Lake Havasu Leadership 2024 class project once all donations are accounted for and finalized.

For more information on the Lake Havasu Foundation For Education and Leadership program, visit www.havasuchamber.com.

A plan for the accessible swing set is on display during the ground breaking ceremony Monday. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene


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