LHHS Drama Dept Set To Open 2022 Fall Showcase Tonight

LHHS Drama Dept Set To Open 2022 Fall Showcase Tonight
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By Nicole Matheson

The Lake Havasu High School Drama Department is ready to open its 2022 Fall Showcase Thursday evening – a two-act show beginning with the comedy “Bad Auditions By Bad Actors,” then moving on to some dramatic selections from the play “Almost, Maine.”


Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

RiverScene met with director and theater teacher of seven years at LHHS, Jason Fallis, as well as the student cast.

“For many in our class, this is their first actual production,” Fallis said.

“And this show is a wonderful mix of comedy and drama, challenging the new arrivals as well as the more seasoned actors in the class. The first show that many of the new actors are in is ‘Bad Auditions By Bad Actors.’ The second act, selections from ‘Almost, Maine’ challenges the experienced student actors and also happens to be the most performed play for high school students in the U.S. It combines comedy with romance, focusing on relationships.”

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Kaia Lam, a 16-year-old Junior and a first-year drama student, shares that, “I have thoroughly enjoyed working and connecting with my peers. They all have so much talent and it’s been amazing watching all of us grow just through this one show.”

Gracie Beaumont, a 17-year-old Senior and long time drama student says that she enjoys, “Getting to do a very serious part and going through some very real emotions – also interacting with this wonderful cast.”

Many students were glad to be stepping outside of their comfort zones, like Kaden Webb, a 17 year old Senior who says that, “I’ve learned that sometimes we gotta do scary things to get the best reaction out of people.”

The graciousness these students express and their bond with one another is an amazing take away from their time working on this show, and Fallis said, “These students are able to express themselves in a safe setting and speak to an audience on matters of the heart and all those tangible things we take for granted. I’m incredibly proud of the work the students have done. It’s not often you get a cast that really feels like family.”

LHHS Theater

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The feeling of the cast being like family is shared by many of the students, like 16-year-old Junior, Micayla Clark, “I enjoy bonding with all my classmates through the years. Even when new people come into the class we all bond so quickly. We are like family and I absolutely love putting laughs and smiles on people’s faces when performing.”

All the students are excited for the final layer to their performance  Рthe audience. Come see the show tonight at 7 p.m., at the Little Theater in H Hall at the high school, or Friday, at the same time. There will also be a matinee on Saturday at 2 p.m.

Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

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