Local Band: TV Tragedy

Local Band: TV Tragedy
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TV Tragedy Facebook Profile

Band: TV Tragedy

The following band information is from their Facebook Fan Page:

Band Members: Maus – Joe – Trevor – Jake
Genre: Punk
Hometown: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

“It has been said that when Elvis took the stage during his first several years of popularity, the floors would run yellow as the excited teens all wet there pants. Not only was his music believed to be the work of the devil, but was known to get drowned out by the screaming of his female fans. Similar stories have been told about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.”

“Well some 50 years later, it may be time to pull out those mop buckets again. Formed in August of 2013, TV TRAGEDY is taking the world by storm, and the pants are just as wet as ever. Though the adoring teenyboppers have been replaced with sloppy drunk punx, similarities between TV TRAGEDY and the Rock-N-Roll heart throbs of the past are undeniable.”

Putting the RAW back in Punk RAWk.

RSM Video filmed and edited by Mac Ruiz.

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