Local Budding Artist Jan Klatt And Her Beautiful Resin Art

Local Budding Artist Jan Klatt And Her Beautiful Resin Art
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By Nicole Matheson

While COVID-19 has some dreaming of what they can’t do, there are some finding new creative talents that are flourishing under adversity.

One such budding artist is Jan Klatt. Klatt has been a Havasu resident since 2003 with her husband of 48 years, Dave. She has taken to working with resin to create unique, beautiful coasters, trays, cutting boards and more.

“I started during the pandemic,” Klatt said. Eager for a bit of socialization, she met with other women in her neighborhood to work with glass. “I just never quite got my fingers wrapped around it. So during the pandemic I decided that something else had to be out there for me.”

Jan Klatt poses with some of her artwork. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Blooming Into An Artist

That’s when Klatt discovered decorative coasters. Resin art she notes is somewhat scarce in the Havasu area, and she plans to expand on the creative endeavor by joining the Havasu Art Guild.

“I have to find a way to get rid of my habit here!” She laughs, showing off an impressive collection of the stunning coaster sets for sale in varying colors and themes. She even has a set of Arizona shaped coasters, made up of the colors of the flag. These are from a mold she made herself.

Resin paw prints created by Jan Klatt. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

In addition to coasters, there are cutting boards decorated with the colorful resin and trays to match. Klatt also shows off a new idea – dog paw-shaped resin pieces that function as key chains. “I’ve just been learning this on the fly!” She references Pinterest and YouTube as inspirations as she explains her process working with such art supplies as alcohol ink, glitter, acrylic paint, mica powder and a heat gun.

The Process

In spite of being new to her craft, Klatt has had much success in her projects with few mistakes. She follows the directions carefully while working with her products for the best results. Depending on the type of resin, she can create coasters in a matter of hours, while some require overnight curing.

Jan Klatt works on resin coasters. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

After mixing the resin, Klatt uses molds to give shape to her pieces. This can be anything from the aforementioned Arizona mold she made, to simple shapes and even flowers. As she goes through her process, she shows off some gorgeous ocean-themed coasters with shells and what look like real waves on the surface that are in the works. She demonstrates how she makes the waves with her heat gun and a little white colored resin.

For Klatt and her creativity, the sky is the limit. She excitedly shares other projects she will be taking on, such as cake stands, jewelry and sculptures. There is some element of surprise in her work. “That’s the cool thing that keeps this so interesting. What I see here, may not be exactly what I end up with. Because as long as the resin is still moving, your vision is going to change.”

Klatt also does custom work as is detailed on her website desertrez.com, where you may also see pricing for her incredible designs.

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

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