Local Club Beautifies Havasu With Knitted Art

Local Club Beautifies Havasu With Knitted Art
Janet Cruz / 27 Dec 2022 / No Comments » Comments

By Janet Cruz

Driving through Downtown McCulloch, one might notice a tree or two wrapped in knitted material. The trees are festive and contain very detailed knitted patterns all created by a local club in Lake Havasu City.

The Knotty Knitters club has been “Yarn Bombing” the trees in Havasu for 11 years.

“Yarn Bombing” is a form of art where buildings and objects are decorated in knitted material. This particular art is a way to not only display the knitters work, but also  to create a fun  way to decorate a space.

Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

“We usually get started in November, and start knitting before we arrive with our knitted items to wrap the trees up,” said Marylou Tassinari, Knotty Knitters Club founder.

The Knotty Knitters was first started by three members 11 years ago. They all loved knitting but also loved the idea of having a club where they could socialize with others too.

“We first began yarn bombing by the Red Onion restaurant, and over the years we moved it by the Grace Arts Live Theatre and all around McCulloch during the holidays,’ adds Linda Scolls, Knotty Knitters Co-Founder and club member.

Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

There used to be a yarn shop on McCulloch, where many ladies would purchase and gather, until eventually moving meeting places over the years. The group now gathers at the Lake Havasu City Library.

In order to get the trees decorated,  members start knitting a month before and create strips of material that are later used to wrap the trees in December. Once they have gathered enough material,  bags full of knitted strips are later taken to their location where as a group they begin a “Yarn Bombing” session and fit the trees and knit the strips of material in place.

Submitted Photo By Linda Scolls / Knotty Knitters “Yarn Bombing.”

“The members have a lot of fun doing it,” Tassinari said.

On the yarn-wrapped trees, the observer may also come across pictures of members that have passed away. Their photos on a tree is a lovely memorial to remember their fellow club members each year.

Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

“We have lost a few members and this is our way of remembering them,” said Scolls. “Our first memorial tree was by Mulbery Avenue.”

Over the past two years, members Marilyn Williams, Carol Walker and Sara Stoltz passed away and  their photos are among the trees.

Knotty Knitters members have also been involved in many causes over the years. Club members would knit baby shoes and clothing for babies who were born premature so that they had items that fit. The club would also knit and donate warm beanies for some balloon pilots and volunteers at the annual Balloon Fest each year. Some have also knitted items for their own families and grandkids as well.

Samantha Zasadil/RiverScene

“We just love knitting and giving each other tips and advice while doing so,” said Tassinari. “We welcome anyone who loves to knit and just socialize.”

Submitted Photo By Linda Scolls / ” Knotty Knitters Club”

For more information on the Knotty Knitters Club, visit its facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/knottyknitterguild/  or meet them at the Lake Havasu City Library every Monday (except on observed holidays) at 12:30 p.m.

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