Local Entertainer Pam Harkness

Local Entertainer Pam Harkness
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Entertainment in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Pamela Harkness has met a lot of people and has seen a lot of faces thanks to her love of music. Harkness stays busy singing classic love songs and jazz standards at various venues in Lake Havasu City bringing joy to all who watch her performances.

Harkness grew up in Minot, North Dakota and at the age of 16 she purchased her first guitar. Harkness and a friend practiced playing the instrument and singing but never pursued it further and later left her guitar sitting in her closet. “I figured music wasn’t something I would make much money doing so I stopped playing the instrument and put it aside for a few years,” Harkness said. That’s when she decided to pursue a career in banking and relocated to Tucson, Arizona in 1974 and joined Valley National Bank. She later transferred to Lake Havasu City.

[quote_center]“I love when I can add a bit of music to other people’s lives and make their evening more enjoyable,”[/quote_center]

Harkness first began singing and entertaining others post retirement and has performed at the steak house and tapas bar “Cha-bones” in Lake Havasu City and at the Refuge Golf and Country Club for the past five years. She has also performed for the annual Marine Corps Ball for the last four years along with performances at the Yacht Club and other local establishments. Harkness took some time from her busy schedule to discuss her life, love of music and why she enjoys entertaining locals.

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Why is singing so rewarding to you?

“I think people’s reaction to my music is what makes what I do very rewarding. I remember one night singing the song “Over the Rainbow” and noticed a woman who wept the whole way through when she heard it. She later came up to me said it was her mother’s favorite song and how it brought memories of her mother. Bringing memories and emotion to anyone who listens really is a healing experience for me as well. It is so rewarding for me when I can make their experience a pleasant one.”

When was your big break?

“Thom Felke ,of Shugrue’s Restaurant and Brewery, agreed to let me perform for a Rotary Fundraiser on February 25, 2010. After that performance, Cindy Aldridge approached me to become a regular performer at The Refuge Country Club. Six months later, Cameron Moses from Cha-Bones came to the Refuge and also asked me to perform at his restaurants on Thursday evenings. A year and a half ago, I was moved to Sunday nights.”

What are some of you accomplishments?

“I used to be really shy but performing has helped change that. It has brought out my true personality. I believe that is my personal accomplishment because it made me come out of my shell.”
What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life or from your career? “I learned it is important to connect to people and the importance of having close relationships. You really need to have a circle of friends that are positive and who encourage you. I believe you should cut negative ties and surround yourself with positive people.”

What is your favorite part of living in Lake Havasu City?

“I love the view of the lake and the size of the city. It is a beautiful clean town I love it here.” To see Harkness perform stop by “Cha-bones” every Sunday evening and on Friday and various times at the The Refuge.

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