More Than 800 Enjoy Teen Break 2016

More Than 800 Enjoy Teen Break 2016
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More than 800 Lake Havasu City teens turned out for Teen Break 2016 last week -839 to be exact.There were 800 pieces fried chicken served, 600 bean and cheese burritos, 125 feet of sub sandwiches, 300 mini chimis, 1,268 hamburger patties, 1,320 hot dogs, 2,112 slices of pizza, 15 gallons of pickles, and 400 10-pound bags of ice were donated to Teen Break this year. Teen Break participant Sadelle Finney of Telesis Prepatory submitted the
following observation to RiverScene Magazine.

Teen Break 2016 was a great way for kids, grades six-12, to spend their spring break. Teen Break is a three-day event filled with rides, fun games and challenges. There are raffles for big prizes like skateboards, bikes and iPad Mini. There was a lot of positive chatter from teen breakers this year – mostly that High Voltage was the best ride. High Voltage is a ride that swings you to the point where you are upside down and it holds you there. Trevor Berrier and Austin Cefalu said they both thought the Tornado was the best ride and the best part of Teen Break was getting to hangout with their friends, have a good time and eat amazing food.

Simon Suminski said, “I really like Teen Break and my favorite ride is the High Voltage. I like that there are many fun activities to do with friends. I
would go to Teen Break as long as I could because it is so amazing.”

Two Teen Break volunteers said they liked watching all the kids’ excitement at the event.The operator of High Voltage said he loved his job and loved seeing the enjoyment on the kids’ faces when they came on and off the ride. He would see their fear turn into excitement. The Sizzler operator said he also loved his job. He said he had a lot of fun with the other workers. His favorite ride that he had operated was the Triple Twist. He said they took out that ride two years ago and many people want it back.

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