Locals Manifesting And Goal Setting With Vision Boards In 2023

Locals Manifesting And Goal Setting With Vision Boards In 2023
Janet Cruz / 04 Jan 2023 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Janet Cruz

It’s that time of year where many set out to make resolutions or try to re-evaluate and adjust already present goals before the new year. Vision boards have been around for years, and are trending more than ever in 2023.

Eight Lotus Wellness & Yoga Studio on McCulloch Boulevard, got a head start on New Years Eve morning with a vision board workshop and meditation activity offered to clients and to community members.

A vision board is an item that is any board with images from magazines, books and art that are attached to represent something you would like to be, do, or a goal you would like to accomplish.

Vision board at Eight Lotus Wellness.  Submitted Photo by Kahealani Cherland

A few women gathered at the studio in a circle and found images and words from magazines. Eight Lotus Wellness Studio Owner, Lizelle Landicho, led the activity and Instructor, Kahealani Cherland, led the mediation portion.  Cherland says that it is a good way to center our focus since we usually have  so much on our minds, the activity helps us to clarify and focus on what’s lingering inside.

“Some of us did boards on canvas, some of us on poster board and we did some painting and collaging as well,” said Cherland. “The benefit is that we get to verbalize all the things we have in our head and it makes our goals real when they are solidified,” she said.

Vision board workshop at Eight Lotus Wellness. Submitted Photo by Kahealani Cherland

Prayer was also included in the workshop, and participants wrote down things they wanted to let go of in their lives, and focused on what they wanted in the upcoming year. Participants later shared their vision boards with each other.

Vision board making

Vision board making at Eight Lotus Wellness. Submitted Photo by Kahealani Cherland.

“Having the community come and gather gave us a sense of camaraderie and togetherness during this exercise,” Cherland said.

Anyone at any age can create their own vision board to manifest or highlight any goals. If you would like to learn more about upcoming gatherings at Eight Lotus Wellness, you may visit the Eight Lotus Wellness and Yoga Facebook page or visit  http://www.thestudioandspa.com/.

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  1. Deborah Enay says:

    Enlightenment believers of yoga students and Christian believers came together in prayer and meditation and music to express their 2023 visions on boards!

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