The London Bridge Resort Christmas Light Crew: The Men Behind the Magic

The London Bridge Resort Christmas Light Crew: The Men Behind the Magic
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As the holiday season swiftly approaches, the electricity of the air has transitioned to fall, scrumptious treats are sitting on tables and the town is beginning to twinkle with the spirit of season’s greetings. This twinkle is partly due to the Lake Havasu Tradition of Christmas Lights in the English Village. Every year, the walls, roofs, railings, and tunnels of the English Village lining the channel is draped with sparkle and joy as the London Bridge Resort brings the spirit of the holidays alive for all to share.

The Christmas Light Crew prepares lights for the Lighting of the English Village. Grace Usher/RiverScene Magazine

Santa is up North tending to gifts for the best of kids, elves are busy at work assisting, and the reindeer are preparing for flight; so who is left to hang the lights? The Christmas Light Crew of the London Bridge Resort is always on the job to light up the holidays!


The Christmas Light Crew is made up of Robert Mitchell, Josh Matter, Colton Esala, and “Twigg.” Mitchell has worked for London Bridge Resort for 27 years, Matter for 10, Esala for 2, and Twigg for 1. The Resort has been the proud sponsor of the English Village Christmas Lighting tradition for over 20 years and this year is just as big as always.


The dream team begins the day after the Labor Day by inspecting each of the half million bulbs to make sure each are ready for the holiday glow. The lights are a compilation of different variation of L.E.D. bulbs. Some strands are multi-colored domes, and some are the glittering mimics of icicles.


Mitchell and “Twigg” paying key attention to detail on the English Village Gift Shop. Grace Usher/ RiverScene Magazine

The newest edition to the light family is the crisp blue icicle strands that line the rooftop of the cherished English Village Gift shop, just left of where Santa’s hub will be come Christmas time.


The crew works diligently to hang lights along roofs, railing, and stairways from the South side of the London Bridge all the way to the ice rink on the tennis court of the Resort, just before the entrance to the beach part of the Channel.


“The hardest part is working with these clowns”  jokes Mitchell.


Along the walkway leading from the village, passing Kokomo to the ice rink, is the tunnel of lights; a set of arch ways lined with color changing glimmers to take one away to a true winter wonderland.


The guys work relentlessly to the final moments, putting each light in its place all the way to the first-glow; the day after Thanksgiving.


The teams twists and turns to get into the hard to reach places. The lights are secured by use of staple guns and zip ties, but sometimes the team has to get crafty.

Matter secures each bulb just right. Grace Usher/ River Scene Magazine

“The high spots and the roofs are the most difficult” adds Matter.


Along with the standard glow of lights, the English Village Gift Shop design will feature choreographed light show to go with the holiday tunes. The music is a  5-6 song playlist that is uploaded the the SIM “brain” of the power source and features some of the most iconic music throughout the years.


The men behind the magic of the English Village Christmas Lighting are the blood, sweat, and tears that help bring the Christmas spirit to Lake Havasu. Their favorite part of all? The first light!

Esala and Matter hard at work. Grace Usher/ River Scene Magazine

“Seeing the village light up and the faces of so many people light up is so nice after the two months of hard work” shares Matter.


The official lighting ceremony is Friday,  Nov. 24, 2017; the day after Thanksgiving at 6pm. Come bring the whole family to share the warmth that the glowing colors bring and remember that the beauty that is the Holiday English Village is brought to you by none other than the Christmas Light Crew of the London Bridge Resort.

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