Lord Mayor Charity Appeal Hot Air Balloon to Attend Lake Havasu City Festival

Lord Mayor Charity Appeal Hot Air Balloon to Attend Lake Havasu City Festival
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LAKE HAVASU CITY – Lake Havasu City Mayor Mark S. Nexsen announced that the Lord Mayor of London has accepted an invitation to have his hot air balloon participate in the 2015 Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair Jan. 16-18.

The Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal balloon was built in 2013 and is operated by the world’s leading aerial marketing company – Exclusive Ballooning – which launched the balloon at the historic Tower of London. For many decades now, the annual Lord Mayor’s Appeal of the city of London, England has raised millions of pounds for charities and good causes. The charitable theme for the Appeal is creating wealth, giving time and supporting people.

The Lord Mayor’s balloon participation in Lake Havasu’s annual balloon festival is being sponsored by the family of Robert P McCulloch, the original buyer of the London Bridge and Aberdeen Asset Management. For more information on the Lord Mayor’s Appeal please visit: www.thelordmayorsappeal.org

Exclusive Ballooning Director Andrew Holly, who is the current British National Hot Air Balloon champion, having won the title for the last three consecutive years, will pilot the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal balloon. Andrew was also awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2008. It is therefore fitting that he will be flying this balloon over the original London Bridge, said an Appeal spokesman.

Phil Saunders who is a lawyer in the city of London and a pilot himself will lead the UK balloon team. Saunders has championed London ballooning for many years and has been working closely with Andrew to bring balloons over central London, which was achieved in 2014.

Accompanying the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal balloon will be the Aberdeen Asset Management hot air balloon, also operated by Exclusive Ballooning. Aberdeen is a key London City Corporation and a keen supporter of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Also launched in 2013, the Aberdeen balloon has been involved with corporate sponsored events and has tethered next to the famous Loch Ness in Scotland.

For more information on the Havasu Balloon Festival & Fair, please visit: www.HavasuBalloonFest.com or for Exclusive Ballooning, please visit: www.balloon.tv.

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