MCC Ballet Program Entertains Community with Annual Performances

MCC Ballet Program Entertains  Community with Annual Performances
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Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

From leaps to arabesque to attitude positions, members of the Mohave Community College En Croix Ballet Ensemble and Children’s ballet group graced the stage at the Lake Havasu Performing Arts Center as part of the Annual En Croix Ballet Ensemble and Children’s Ballet program Saturday.

“I feel classic ballet is something that is so underrepresented in our area and it is important to showcase it to the community,” said Jeanne Fernando, the Producer and Artistic Director with Mohave Community College in Lake Havasu City. “Ballet is one of my all-time loves and I am so glad to share it with everyone.”

From beginner-level ballerinas to advanced along with contemporary performances and story ballet, there was so much for everyone to see and enjoy once inside the event.

The first-act beginners had the opportunity to begin their stage experience, while in the second act, an excerpt of the ballet “Coppelia” was performed.

The ballet is the story of a small Scandinavian village under the trickery of Dr. Coppelius, the toy maker, with his prized life-sized doll Coppelia.

The third act featured a contemporary ballet performance.

Sage Green-Best who was in the audience to support her niece and she said she couldn’t be more pleased with the performances.

“This is my first time this year at the program. I really loved to see the story ballet. It is really neat.”

For 11 years, the En Croix Ballet Ensemble has been a small performing arts entity operating from Mohave Community College in Lake Havasu City. Members in the group take ballet instruction three times a week and are dedicated to performing classic ballet pieces. Many of the dancers are experienced with at least five years or more.

Aside from the group, Mohave Community College also trains young ballet dancers from ages 4 and up. Together, both groups perform each spring to bring an annual performance to the stage and the community.

The show is offered free to the community every year and celebrates the completion of each student’s year of studying ballet at Mohave Community College.

“I find that those who come to see the performances have never in their life seen live ballet in person and end up loving it,” said Fernando. “I had someone after a performance thank me for exposing them to ballet through our free shows.”

“I am here to support a church friend,” said Sione Makihele, who also was in the audience. “This is my first time watching her performance – it is great what they do.”

For information on the program or how to donate, contact Jeanne Fernando at 928-453-8337.

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