Minor Strut Performs LIVE at Rockabilly Reunion

Minor Strut Performs LIVE at Rockabilly Reunion
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Minor Strut LIVE

2015 Rockabilly Reunion
Lake Havasu City, Arizona


Minor Strut Facebook Profile

Local Lake Havasu bass guitarist, Cristian, “The Rockabilly Kid,” performed Saturday with his band, Minor Strut, at Rockabilly Reunion. Minor Strut is a band consisting of 9-10-year-olds that are grabbing the attention of some bigs in the business, including “America’s Got Talent.”

Cristian began his career by picking up a bass guitar at the age of 4, and he now jams with musicians like Duff of Gun’s and Roses, Cash’d Out, and Doug Wimbish of Living Color. He attended Oro Grande Elementary School in Lake Havasu but has since relocated to California to work on his music and movie career.

Minor Strut not only rocked the stage for adults, but they did it with style as young girls watched the soon to be teen hearthrobs of the Rockabilly world.

Minor Strut’s next performance will be Feb. 28 at the Needles, Calif., car show at 2 p.m.

  • Aiden on drums
  • Cristian “The Rockabilly Kid” on bass/ stand up bass,
  • David Lee on lead vocals/guitar
  • EthanE” on lead guitar
  • Josh on keyboards/ piano.



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