Nautilus Celebrates Famous Author’s Birthday

Nautilus Celebrates Famous Author’s Birthday
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The article was written by LHHS Journalism Student, Karley Glover.

Nautilus Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday March 2. The students could bring their parents to school to read a variety of the author’s books and dress in green.

For breakfast, students munched on green eggs and ham while mingling with the Cat in the Hat. In class, they participated in a variety of activities including coloring and reading.

Nautilus Elementary School

Kindergartners sit in the front of the class practicing their
fluency before breaking out books to read. Some parents listened to their
kids while they read Dr. Seuss books. Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student

The Cat in the Hat sits on the carpet with a group of first
graders, listening to the teacher read Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who.
Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student

A group of first graders gather around a table to do reading
activities and color pictures related to Dr. Seuss. Karley Glover/LHHS
Journalism Student

Second graders read aloud “Green Eggs and Ham” in a readers
theater format. Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student

Starline Elementary School

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