New Horizons Special Abilities First Sporting Trip Set For Saturday

New Horizons Special Abilities First Sporting Trip Set For Saturday
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By Janet Cruz
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Adaptive Golf and Other Sports is a nonprofit organization always working to create fun and exciting sporting activities for people of all abilities around Lake Havasu City.

This month, founder Craig Adams with the help of other sponsors and in partnership with New Horizons, is taking it to the road with a special winter sporting and fun filled snow experience field trip to Flagstaff, Saturday.

“With sponsors making this possible, it will allow individuals to go on this trip and have fun in the snow since many have never even had the opportunity to see it,” said Brooke Russell, CEO of New Horizons.

“They will all be traveling together with some of our staff in our New Horizons bus.”

New Horizons is an organization that has provided services for people with disabilities since 1974 in Lake Havasu City. Individuals who participate in the program are involved in field trips to local events, and exposed to many social activities while learning life skills such as meal preparation, learning time, financial and social skills.

“I really love that some of them haven’t even seen snow and will have the experience to see it. “It will be so great for them,” said Kyla Diaz DTA Director at New Horizons.

The idea first came about when Craig Adams, founder of the nonprofit Adaptive Golf and Other Sports, was on a recent ski trip with his daughter and saw some adaptive sports equipment being used on the snow. Adams thought that having something similar would be a fun activity for individuals with all abilities.

“After speaking to Highland Adaptive Sports up in Flagstaff, I saw that someone in a wheel chair can ski on adaptive equipment. So while I was sitting on the ski lift, I quickly made some calls to many local sponsors,” Adams said. “Instead of using Highland, Kyla Diaz, DTA Director at New Horizons, turned it into a better idea so its accessible to more individuals. Instead, it is a tubing field trip to Flagstaff Snow Park and that’s what we are doing. We are making it happen.”

New Horizons Lake Havasu

New Horizons clients, staff, Craig Adams, and Lori Swartz pose for a photo at New Horizons. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Adaptive Golf and Other Sports of Lake Havasu is a nonprofit that allows athletes of all abilities to get involved in golf and several sporting activities for more than three years. The nonprofit works in partnership with the community which includes the Anderson Auto Group and the Lake Havasu Golf Club. Funding for the first special trip to Flagstaff is also made possible by Keller Williams Realtor Lori Swartz, of Lake Havasu City.

“I just love being involved in the community and give back any way I can. “Anything we can do to help people have experiences they wouldn’t normally have is rewarding. They know they can all definitely reach out to me for anything, I am grateful to be part of it,” Swartz said.

Swartz also has been involved in the junior golf program with Adaptive Golf And Other Sports organization as well.

“I can come up with an idea, but to execute it would not be possible without the help of our sponsors including Lori, and all who support us,” Adams said.

The trip is set for Saturday. Participants will depart from Lake Havasu at 7 a.m. and depart Flagstaff at 7 p.m.

For more information on upcoming Adaptive Golf and Other Sports events, call Craig Adams at 928-727-3324 or you may email marketing director Jake Roy at, or visit the nonprofit’s Facebook page.

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