Non-Profit Soroptimist International to Hold Junior Heels Program

Non-Profit Soroptimist International  to Hold Junior Heels Program
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Starting middle school can be a very intimidating and nerve-wracking time in anyone’s life. A new school, brand new faces and hallways that are unfamiliar can be daunting for many girls, but Lake Havasu City’s Soroptimist International is working to help elementary girls successfully transition into their new life. The organization will host an event filled with empowering workshops and seminars.

“The one-day event gives the girls an opportunity to get to meet all the girls from different schools so that their first day of middle school isn’t so scary,” said Jamie Bisceglia, with Soroptimist International.

The event known as “Junior Heels Program,” has been sponsored by the organization since 1991 and works to empower and help young girls transition into middle school. Students who register for the program start the day with a tour of Thunderbolt Middle School, led by the school’s principal, Mari Jo Mulligan.

“I believe the workshops help give these girls the tools to be empowered and feel confident when they start at a new school,” said Bisceglia.

Seminars include sessions on health and good choices, followed by communication and leadership.

“Soroptimist also sponsors the S club, which is Soroptimist at the high school level,” said Vanessa Liesen. With the help of Soroptimist International of Lake Havasu City, S club also will present and create the workshops for the event.

For students or parents wishing to register for the event, the deadline is Feb. 25. The event is March 7, at 695 Thunderbolt Ave. Thunderbolt Middle School.

For more information contact Vanessa Liesen at 928-855-6067.

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