Nonprofit Giving At-Risk Animals A Second Chance

Nonprofit Giving At-Risk Animals A Second Chance
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By Janet Cruz

Animal shelters are a great place to find one’s next furry best friend and in turn, animals get a new forever home, but sadly, not all animals get adopted as quickly as others. Elderly dogs , cats and special needs animals often run the risk of being last on the adoption list.

Local nonprofit  R & R  Pet Sanctuary is changing that by giving those specific animals a second chance.

R & R Pet Sanctuary is a local nonprofit in home sanctuary located in Lake Havasu City. The nonprofit focuses on special needs and older pets. The sanctuary is run by local residents Rachael Kurth and Rich Crayne. Together they help provide a place for animals who are less likely to get adopted in a loving and safe place to call home.

“I have been an animal lover all my life and starting a sanctuary is something I always wanted to do,” said Rachel Kurth founder of R & R Pet Sanctuary.

From turtles, to cats and dogs are just some of the many animals they have brought into the sanctuary. Often, there are pets that develop medical conditions that are expensive to treat and animals run the risk of being put down. Most of the time, with proper medication and medical care, these animals have a better quality of life.

“Some pet owners often do not have the financial resources to buy medications or the patience to deal with a special needs pet,” and that’s also where we take over,” said R & R Sanctuary cofounder Rich Crayne.

Photo courtesy R & R Sanctuary

Noel photo courtesy R&R Pet Sanctuary

Most recently a dog named Noel who was suffering from hydrocephalus – a condition where a build up of cerebral fluid causes pressure in a dog’s brain often leading to seizures . Noel was taken to a  Las Vegas animal hospital where the dog received surgery and is now back on the mend in Lake Havasu City.

“It will take a few weeks for us to fully see how Noel will recover,” Kurth said. “So far, Noel is doing good,” she added.

Other animals that arrived at R & R Sanctuary include a dog named Akoda who will be completely incontinent for life because her back was broken at 12 weeks old, but is living her best life with some care at R & R Pet Sanctuary.

Zero and Slash were two bottle fed cats that never left the sanctuary and are also residing there.

Photo Courtesy R & R Sanctuary

Zero and Slash Reside at R & R Pet Sanctuary

“What we want the community to know is we take in those animals who are in extreme danger of being put down, or have medical conditions and need extra care,” Crayne said. “A lot of elderly animals should not live their last days in a cage. Consider us as a hospice for pets and a place where we can help improve the lives of those who have special medical needs,” he added.

Submitted by R & R Pet Sanctuary

Akoda who will be completely incontinent for life because of a back injury at 12 weeks old.

R & R Pet Sanctuary is always in need of food and monetary donations that can be made through its Facebook page. R & R Pet Sanctuary also has an Amazon Wish List which primarily consists of supplies that they use. For more information on  R & R Pet Sanctuary, visit

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  1. Sharon Howland says:

    I live in lake havasu and and always rescued older dogs with issues but I can’t afford to do that anymore. How can I help? I’m retired and handicapped.

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