Paddling Race Entertains Crowds At The Island in Lake Havasu City

Paddling Race Entertains Crowds At The Island in Lake Havasu City
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Saturday’s fun in the Havasu sun included paddle sports. The event, ADR (Another Dam Race) is just that, a race done using the participant’s strength. Racers were equipped with paddles, boards or canoes.

Saturday’s race started on the beach at Rotary Park. Contestants paddled out from the beach toward the Nautical Beachfront Hotel. About half way out, they did a turn at a buoy, headed back toward the beach and up the channel, under The London Bridge and ultimately around the island.

Paddle sports involve a board, or some other type of boat, in which any combination of paddlers propel their vessel over a predetermined distance. Stand Up Paddle boards, which resemble a surf board, use a paddle to maneuver through the water. Canoes that have outriggers for stability have six paddlers, one of which is also the helmsperson.

This is the second anniversary of “Another Dam Race” organized by Larry Smith and John Burns.

“There were about 80 contestants in many different categories,” said Smith.

They also organize another race in early November.

“At 500 entries, this is a big race and is also the end of the race season. A big party is held after the race where the participants are competitors on the water but friends on land and come together to celebrate another good year of racing.”

Burns and Smith said they aren’t sure how big the event will get but are hopeful that it grows each year as the sport becomes more popular.

For more information visit them on facebook: or on their website:

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