Pay-It-Forward Havasu Lends A Hand To School Children In Need

Pay-It-Forward Havasu Lends A Hand To School Children In Need
Grace Usher / 30 Jul 2018 / No Comments » Comments

By Grace Usher

More than 900 clothing items were gathered to be donated to school-ages children for the upcoming school year. Organized by Pay It Forward Havasu,  the group has been coordinating the event for four years.

“We wanted to give back to the community,” said Rachel Kurth.

The event was at the Aquatic Center Saturday. The items gathered for the event included new and used school shirts, shoes and other miscellaneous items.

Parents eagerly awaiting for the donations. Photo Courtesy: Pay-It-Forward Havasu.

The items were donated by community members whose children either outgrew the clothing or transitioned to higher grade levels. Pay It Forward posted on Facebook what items were needed and the needs were exceeded by generous members of the community.

The group was able to give to more than 100 school-aged children to prepare them for the nearing first day of school.

The group has many pieces left from the event. If anyone is in need of shoes or school shirts, please message Pay It Forward Havasu here.

Tables were organized by grade level and shirt/shoe size. Photo Courtesy: Pay-It-Forward Havasu

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