Pinup Posing: Guys Vs. Dolls

Pinup Posing: Guys Vs. Dolls
Jillian Danielson / 15 Feb 2016 / No Comments » Comments

Pinup girls usually steal the show at Rockabilly Reunion and other car shows. They seem to naturally compliment the cars with glitz and glamour.

This year, though, RiverScene Magazine thought it would be an interesting twist and give the guys some attention.

Some of those displaying their cars at this year’s Rockabilly Reunion went vogue and showed their best pinup poses. The pose off was done in fun and some of the men actually fell on the ground laughing as they tried to replicate pinup posing techniques

The Guys’ Gallery By Jillian Danielson:

The Dolls’ Gallery by Jillian Danielson:

A photo gallery is soon to come of more Rockabilly Reunion highlights.

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