Put The Pop In Fourth Of July Fun

Put The Pop In Fourth Of July Fun
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By Grace Usher

Independence Day is Wednesday, and locals and visitors alike are getting ready for the celebrations.

Traditionally, the Fourth of July is celebrated with barbecues, boating and, of course, fireworks.

This holiday is one of the most crowded on the lake so prepare for early launch times and long waits at the ramp.

To see all the launch ramps in town, Click Here.

Nick and River Troffer, and David Jacoby hang out in the Bridgewater Channel on Fourth of July. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

When planning to barbecue in a local spot, make sure to get there early. Rotary park and State Park have public grills but they may get swooped up quickly.

Off the lake, Calvary Baptist Church will host an Independence Day Celebration at 9 a.m. The celebration will include the posting of colors. There also will be a patriotic choir performance.

Interested in the Fourth of July Celebration at Calvary Church? Click Here.

After the sun has set, it is time to break out the personal fireworks and sparklers. According to city code, the Fourth of July is the only day in which small and medium fireworks are permitted. Their use on any day before or after may resulted in a unwanted visit from the LHPD.


Tips for personal fireworks:

Jessa Walton, Bella Gonzales, and Jamie McCloskey play with sparklers at Rotary Beach on Fourth of July. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

  1. Observe your surroundings when staging the fireworks. Look for trees, bushes, and other flammable objects. It’s been a dry year, and even the smallest spark can cause a disaster
  2. When igniting the firework, take an inventory of the people in the group, especially small children and animals.
  3. Animals may be easily spooked by the loud noises. Know your pet and decide if they should stay indoors for the show.
  4. When using sparkler and other small fireworks, keep all children supervised at all times. Avoid excessive waving of sparklers and teach kids safety rules regarding theirs and others faces, clothing, hands, and feet.
  5. Though a time to celebrate, be conscious that drinking alcohol and using fireworks greatly increases the threat of damage and injury.

At 9 p.m., turn attentions west facing Thompson Bay for the annual fireworks show. The fireworks are best seen from higher ground. Many go to Rotary Park, Nautical Inn and London Bridge Beach. When planning to visit these viewing areas, be prepared for long lines and dense crowds.

Planning to see the fireworks up close? Click Here.


***Please Drink Responsibly and Do Not Drink and Drive***

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