PWC Stars Warm Up For IJSBA World Finals

PWC Stars Warm Up For IJSBA World Finals
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For personal watercraft enthusiasts, there’s only one place to go – Body Beach.

Body Beach is Lake Havasu’s premier PWC venue, and rose to prominence in the early 1980s. The international Jet Sports Boating Association has conducted its Word Finals competition on Lake Havasu since 1982 at the Nautical Beachfront Resort, moving to Crazy Horse Campgrounds in the late 1990s, where the event continues.

Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

The top riders from around the world will converge on Body Beach this month for the Blowsion World Finals. Riders test and fine tune their machines in preparation for a grueling eight days of competition at the beginning of October.

Some of the best young riders in the world, Sebastian Girello, Theo and Juju Beaumer, Stevie Bascom, Preston Matzdorff, Kole Cramer, to list a few, live in Lake Havasu, and call Body Beach their backyard.

Juju Beaumer,11, practicing on a Yamaha SuperJet. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

International riders have made this the go-to place to practice for the World Finals. Teams from Japan, Thailand, France, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands and more can be found practicing at Body Beach throughout the month.

“Body Beach for me, is like Disneyland (is) for a 10-year-old kid,” said Chris Hagest, owner of Pro Watercraft Racing, in Lake Havasu. Pro Watercraft Racing provides some of the top riders in the world with their equipment.

On any given weekend, spectators will be surprised at the level of enthusiasm and camaraderie among the teams and riders, as well as witnessing some amazing personal watercraft sports moves.

15 year old Kole Cramer will be in numerous Pro Classes at this years World Finals, on his custom prepped Kawasaki SXR’s. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

14 year old, Aryana “Ary” Thayer, practicing for her first World Finals. Look for her on her Kawasaki SXR 800 #831.Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Sebastien Girello, 9, practicing for Stock and Junior Stock classes at this years Blowvision World Finals, on his Yamaha SuperJet. Ken Gallagher /RiverScene

Stevie Bascom, 14, practices for the AM Womens Ski Lites and 13/15 Junior Ski classes. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Chris Hagest and Preston Matzdorff, on course at Body Beach. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Havasu rider Cory VanCleave, “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”, gets’ a little air time, on his Vintage 550 Kawasaki. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

JB Gasperone, taking his “Coconut” for a test flight at Body Beach. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Javier Cartaya, testing his Yamaha DP 1800, just weeks before the Blowvision IJSBA World Finals. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Raphael Maurin,21, of France, will be riding a Chris Girello prepared Kawasaki SXR 1500 at this year’s IJSBA Wolrd Finals. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Japan’s, Toshi Ohara, testing the new ProForce TR-1 Turbo. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

An unknown rider rides off into the sunset. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

Feature Photo: Theo Beaumer,14, will be in three different classes at this year’s Blowvision IJSBA World Finals. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene





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