From Californians to Canadians these are just some of the spectators that filled the arena at the SARA Park Rodeo Grounds to take part in the Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo and Little Delbert Days event. Cowboys and cowgirls with impressive skills from around the country and abroad traveled to Lake Havasu to entertain the crowd.

“I’ve been to Lake Havasu City to take part in the rodeo for the last four years,” said Kori Ochoa who traveled from California and is one of the cowboys who took center stage. “I just love getting the crowd going. It’s a lot of fun.”

The Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo and Little Delbert Days event runs for two days and is organized by Friends of the Fair. The whole family can take part in activities and children can even ride sheep and small tractor trucks and visit a petting zoo.

The main attraction for the adults was the cowboys and royal rodeo queens who impressed the crowds as they walked into the arena.

Emily Pearson holds on tight during Mutton Bustin at the GCPRA and Delbert Days Rodeo Saturday morning.  Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Emily Pearson holds on tight during Mutton Bustin at the GCPRA and Delbert Days Saturday morning. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Jessica Summers was appointed for two consecutive years as Miss Havasu City Rodeo Queen and says she couldn’t be prouder to represent her town.

“I am happy to represent twice,” said Summers. “I just love interacting with the crowd.”

Straight from Phoenix, Saddle Bronc rider and competitor Thor Dusenberry also traveled to show his skills in a category that is known as one of the toughest rodeo events to take on. Saddle Bronc riding on a fast-moving horse requires skills similar to that of riding bareback.

“I love coming down to Lake Havasu City for this event,” said Dusenberry. “The weather is perfect most of the time when I come down here to compete.”

Some members of the crowd who came to town to see the event said it’s a long tradition and they never miss a rodeo because they love coming each and every year.

7211Canadian Joy Cote and her husband say they come specifically once a year to get a glimpse of the skilled cowboys and overall fun atmosphere.

“We love it,” said Cote. It is also fun to see our friends we have met over the years at this event who travel from different parts of the country and simply just catch up.”

Laura Gonzales traveled from Texas with her children to take part in the Little Delbert Days event.

“My daughter loves all the fun activities this event offers,” said Gonzales. “The best part is that children’s admission is free as well.”

With a successful rodeo weekend, there is no doubt that crowds from near and far will keep coming every year to take part in all the activities once again.

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