Route 66 Paranormal Investigations

Route 66 Paranormal Investigations
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Route 66 Paranormal Investigations

Take a look inside this historic building located in Needles, Calif., with RiverScene Magazine as we follow private investigator Lyle Sharman while he investigates this home for paranormal activity. His team started ghost hunting four years ago.

Construction on the house began in 1909, and was completed in 1914. Underground tunnels also are present beneath the structure and lead off property.

This is a preview of what is to come Feb. 21. The Route 66 Paranormal Investigators will review their findings with the owners of the home and afterward, the public is invited to meet and greet them and ask questions at 11 a.m., Pacific Time. The address of the house is 517 N. K St., Needles,Calif.

8 Comments » Comments:

8 Responses to “Route 66 Paranormal Investigations”

  1. Ashley Walsh says:

    I was so scared in that basement. Never had an experience like this before. cant wait to see the reveal on Saturday!

  2. Ashley Chikin Kruger says:

    The article says the house Is in Needles, Ca, but the video says it is in Kingman, Az.
    So, which is it?

  3. LeeAnn says:

    The house is in Needles Ca. I live about a min away in M.V. Arizona right across the bridge from that house. Before we moved into this house my son & I were driving around the area to check things out……we were right there on the corner of the house ready to enter Arizona, It was dusk at the time. As we drove to the stop sign my son about jumped out of his seat yelling look at that man hes on fire…… I saw nothing …… but he was in a panic yelling for me to stop. I’ll never forget that night as he was so scared but there was nothing I could do because I didn’t see it. That was about 9 years ago and we have gone by that house several times since then almost daily. Never seen anything again but there was something going on that one night .

  4. Morgan says:

    I’m hoping to go on Saturday as I’ve always felt drawn to the place. I’ve lived in a house that old that also had an underground tunnel, though in that case it led to a hidden stillroom that was used during Prohibition.

  5. Angelswings77 says:

    Will the public be allowed to walk through the house this Saturday?

    • Christy Sahlstrom says:

      Probably not the floors are unstable there is some things that the house needs before a lot of people walk thru plus it’s not that big of a house although from outside it looks big and scary and in fact it’s just the opposite on the inside.

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