RSM 20 Questions: Bobby Dendy, Longtime LHC Spring Break Worship Evangelist

RSM 20 Questions: Bobby Dendy, Longtime LHC Spring Break Worship Evangelist
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Bobby Dendy is a worship evangelist based in Phoenix. He travels America to wherever he feels called for his ministry. And, that includes Lake Havasu City.

Dendy’s has been ministering to Havasu’s spring break visitors for nine years in London Bridge Beach with bottled water, friendship and contemporary worship music. During his mission, Dendy partners with Pastor Chris Blythe, of New Hope Calvary Church, and its Pancake Village project. The church has served pancakes and cold bottled water to the spring breakers in Bridgewater Channel for a decade.

Dendy is in Havasu for about 30 days each year. This year, New Hope has added an additional water station on the mainland of Bridgewater Channel. It is located across the Channel from the pancake station’s location.

On Saturday, there were 2,350 bottles of water freely provided to thirsty sun seekers in the Channel. Twenty-seven 20-pound bags of ice were used to keep the water cold.. Pancake Village is open to all, including Havasu locals, winter visitors and spring break enthusiasts. Pancakes are up for grabs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dendy will be there, as he is halfway through his Havasu spring break mission.

1.) What is your perfect pizza?
“Pepperoni. I like all pepperoni pizzas.”

2.) What do you love about visiting Lake Havasu City?
“I love the diversity of the people who come here it’s the convergence of culture that I love here. I’ve talked to people from Ireland, France, Canada, Wisconsin and Texas.”

3.) Favorite beverage?
“I like water just because I know my body needs it.”

4.) What is your dream destination vacation?
“Australia, for its beaches, outback, food and language – I like the accent. G’day mate.”

5.) What is your favorite article of clothing?
“Shoes. I have 30 pair. We were poor growing up and we never had good shoes.”

6.) Who do you ask for advice?
“God. I just do.”

7.) If you were a zoo animal, what would you be?
“A gorilla. A silverback gorilla. They are the most powerful animals but at the same time they’re the most gentle with the babies.”

8.) What cheers you up?
“Food. I love cheesecake.”

9.) Do you have a habit you’d like to break?
“Yes. Eating after 6 p.m. I need to digest and get some rest. I’d like to lose these 55 pounds.”

10.) What is one thing that must be on your grocery list?
“Bananas. It’s the monkey in me.”

11.) What is the oddest pet you’ve ever owned?
“Gerbils. They were just weird. It’s not like you can hug them. They’re in those little tubes, and they smell funny, and they’re just weird.”

12.) In what city or town were you born?
“Colorado Springs, Colo., in November 1958.”

13.) If you could be any age for one week, what age would you be?
“Nineteen. You are a legal adult and still have all of your dreams and visions. I always tell people: I am 58, but my heart is 19. It’s why I can relate to this younger generation.”

14.) What is your least favorite food?
“I do not like cranberries. When we were poor, at Thanksgiving there always was those cans of cranberries. I do not like cranberries.”

15.) Who is your celebrity crush?
“Allie Sheedy. She was in the movie ‘Breakfast Club,’ and ‘Short Circuit.’ I even sat by her in a bar in L.A. once but didn’t say anything. She was right there. This was before my wife, of course.”

16.) If you could remodel at home, what would be your first project?
“The bathroom. I’d get all the high-tech stuff in there.”

17.) What do you put on toast?
“Butter, but the right way, lots of butter, from edge to edge.”

18.) Last movie watched?
“The Star Wars Movie, ‘Rogue 1.’ I watched it with my daughter. It was amazing.”

19.) Do you have a favorite television show or series?
“’House.’ The writing and the acting is amazing.”

20.) Do you have a favorite book?

“The Bible. The truth. There’s nothing but the truth in there.”

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