From last-minute testing, to graduation prep and cap and gown arrangements, local high school seniors reflect on what they will miss from their formative school years and what they look forward to after high school life.

In that spirit, Riverscene Magazine caught up with seniors from Lake Havasu High School and Telesis Preparatory Academy.

“Right now I have just been doing a lot of preparing and applying for college scholarships,” said Lake Havasu High School Senior Jenna Van Rooy.

Van Rooy has been involved in The National Honor Society, Skills USA, Leos Club and Freshman Mentor club during her time in Lake Havasu High School and admits there are some things she will miss.

“It is going to be a big change not being able to see the same people every day on campus,” said Van Rooy. “It will just be so different to see others go their separate ways after high school.”

Telesis Preparatory Academy Senior Eduardo Martinez, said although he is excited about focusing on attending Grand Canyon University in the fall, he says he will miss walking the halls at Telesis.

Telesis student Eduardo Martinez. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Telesis student Eduardo Martinez. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

“I have always been a role model for the underclassmen,” said Martinez. “I will miss the younger students waving at me each day on campus.”

While most are reflecting on memories they will leave behind, some like LHHS senior Nicholas Garcia, are excited about what is in store.

“I plan to attend the University of Arizona and major in physiology and study pre-medical studies,” said Garcia.

Garcia, who is a member of the The National Honor Society, Track and Field, Freshman Mentor Club and treasurer of the Key Club, also hopes to leave Havasu to pursue his studies.

And although most students can’t wait for graduation day to finally arrive, there are those who will have a soft spot for home when they also venture out-of-state or the city to pursue a higher education.

“Although I’m going away for college, I’ll miss my home town of Lake Havasu City because I grew up here,” Garcia said.

Other end-of-year activities such as prom and last-minute ACT and SAT testing for college ads to pressure of plans for graduation.

Jenna Van Rooy visits a college website looking for information. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Jenna Van Rooy visits a college website looking for information. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

“I have been coming to my school career center to look up scholarships, last-minute testing dates and had Prom shopping on my mind as well,” said Van Rooy.

Just last weekend, several juniors and seniors from Lake Havasu High School took a break from all the hectic deadlines before graduation for one last time in the school’s gym to make more last-minute memories as they celebrated this year’s prom.

Graduation day at Lake Havasu High School is set for May 21 and Telesis Preparatory Academy will host its graduation on May 28.


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