Side By Side Trail Association Riders Enjoy The Desert On Chix Ride

Side By Side Trail Association Riders Enjoy The Desert On Chix Ride
Nicole Matheson / 01 Feb 2020 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Nicole Matheson

A beautiful Sunday morning in Lake Havasu City meant Side x Side Trail Association members were taking full advantage of the weather and the natural beauty of Mohave County trails as they struck out for some off-road adventure to Golden Shores. Labeled a Chix Ride by the club, the women’s only event invited RiverScene magazine along for the experience.

It was a bumpy ride through the beautifully painted desert landscape, led by president Donna Pineau, with the rear of the caravan brought up by the tail gunner – the rider who tails the group making certain no one is left behind as they navigate the rough terrain.

Washboard trails are nothing new to the Side x Side crew, a slang term used by riders to refer to a series of small rough bumps in the road that jostle everyone about as the vibrations travel through their very bodies, only to give way to “whoops” – bigger hills that make the rider feel as if they were on a fast-paced roller coaster. But the group had wingmen stationed at various points on the trail to ensure a safe, fun ride.

photo courtesy Havasu Side x Side Trail Association

Love Of The Outdoors

For those who love the outdoors and have an adventurous spirit, the Havasu Side x Side Trail Association may be just the right club to join.

The club was formed in 2015, and is currently led by Pineau. “Our By Laws start with our mission statement. The only requirement for joining is a love of the outdoors and honoring our mission statement,” Pineau said.

Considering Lake Havasu’s breathtaking desert landscape, it’s not hard to believe the club has grown to almost 1,000 members supported by 45 businesses. Some of the club’s pursuits include desert clean up days, street to trail clean up days, leading the London Bridge Days Parade, monthly local rides and campout rides, the  Chix Ride and more.

photo courtesy Havasu Side x Side Trail Association

With such a large contingency, a great deal of coordinating is necessary. Pineau said, “We provide safety briefings and training on all aspects of off-roading. We host monthly socials we call ‘Dinner on the Boulevard’ where members get to know each other in a social setting. There are monthly local rides, trailer rides and camp out rides from Bouse to Williams and in between, to cater to all different types of members.”

Their members are from all over the country, with some hailing from Canada as well. The Chix Ride included several first-timers Sunday, who shared lunch in Golden Shores before hitting the trails back home. Riders pointed out many desert landmarks and points of interest – there was even a burro sighting.

Year Round Meetings

The club provides a deep network of year around contacts and activities. When the heat of summer gets to be too oppressive to ride, members often take off in their boats. Other members will often use the popular Facebook page to find out where everyone will meet on the water. Social networking doesn’t stop there. “That tool is used by all our members for any information they may need, including recommended doctors, plumbers, builders, etc. We have our own separate Buy and Sell Facebook page that is strictly for items related to the outdoors.  No sales or politics are allowed on our social page,” Pineau said.

For more information about how to become a member of the HSXSTA, visit

photo courtesy Havasu Side x Side Trail Association

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  1. Linda says:

    We had a ball with Nicole! She’s welcome to ride with the CHIX anytime!

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