Smithsonian Institution Exhibit “Water/Ways” Opens At Lake Havasu Museum Of History

Smithsonian Institution Exhibit “Water/Ways” Opens At Lake Havasu Museum Of History
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By Nicole Matheson

A little piece of the Smithsonian has arrived in Lake Havasu City and, well, it’s kind of a big deal.

The Water/Ways Exhibit, sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution Museums on Main Street, opens this weekend at the Lake Havasu’s Museum of History. The exhibit opens to the public Saturday, and will be taking up residence until March 22. Other sponsors of the exhibit include Arizona Humanities and Arizona State University.

This exhibit is traveling Arizona and Havasu is 11th on the stop. June Waters-Goff, the executive director of the Museum of History, recently spoke about the lengthy challenge of getting this opportunity for Lake Havasu City, “This has been a project for about three years now.”

waterways exhibit Museum of history

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The importance of securing this opportunity takes on great importance in pursuing these types of exhibits. “These exhibitions will draw a community together around them, so, community partnerships, getting visitors’ stories about the themes, in addition, to people enjoying this beautifully curated and designed show.” The show is not Arizona centric and has been on display at other locations across the United States but each location has its own spin on the importance of water to make it relevant to local communities.

The Impact Of Water

The exhibit focuses on water as a life-giving force and remains ever present in life and in the world’s existence as it gives nourishment and sustenance to humans both body and soul. The hydrating necessity of it keeps people and the plant alive while the companionship and close proximity of it brings peace.

Water availability drives up property values and provides transport. Whether it be the calming influence of the slow-moving current of Lake Havasu or the galvanizing force of the mighty Colorado River carving a path through the Grand Canyon, water elicits emotion that defies explanation. In short, the exhibit shows that water it is a common thread in the diversely quilted pattern of Earth.

Waterways Musuem of History

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This will be the last stop in Arizona for the Water/Ways Exhibit. Waters-Goff shares the excitement and appeal for Havasu, “When you think about water as subject for a museum, it’s like water is kind of an infinite topic.” Waters-Goff has worked hard to be as knowledgeable as possible on the show, making her an excellent resource to exhibit visitors.

The museum will be bustling as schools are already making plans for students to visit. The exhibit is an excellent learning opportunity for students, inspiring them to ask questions about the deep reaching connection we have to water and its sustainability.

These questions are explored in the exhibit through interactive imagery, text and videos, in addition to hands on learning opportunities for all ages. The exhibit highlights not just the water ways across America but also the world. Water resources have long been a source of inspiration as well as political and economic planning; which for Lake Havasu is a current issue of concern as water leaves our rivers for other destinations.

For More Information

The Museum of History welcomes all visitors to this exhibit which opens Saturday. The show is expected to both inform and stimulate the imagination of Lake Havasu and Mohave County-area residents. For more information please contact the Museum of History at (928) 854-4938 or visit

The museum is located at 320 London Bridge Road. Regular admission will be charged during the event. Adult admission is $7 and children 12 and under are admitted free.

Waterways Lake Havasu Museum of History

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