Spring Breakers on the Bridge Water Channel

Spring Breakers on the Bridge Water Channel
Jillian Danielson / 18 Mar 2015 / No Comments » Comments

Boards shorts and bikinis, boats and the London Bridge, it can all be seen in the Bridgewater Channel during spring break in Lake Havasu City. College students from across the U.S. come to Havasu for their spring break to let loose and have some fun. With the Channel being packed and students being able to walk from boat to boat since they are packed in so tight, a variety of tastes in music can be heard and vendors line the sidewalks. The Channel also becomes a hot spot for locals too. Locals of all ages sit along the Channel sidewalk on benches and people watch. Some of the locals have expressions on their faces in disbelief in what they see, and others love watching young people have some fun. The Bridge Water Channel is definitely a place to be during the spring break season and Havasu’s weather doesn’t disappoint.

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