Student Creativity Shines Through Cabinets

Student Creativity Shines Through Cabinets
LHHS Journalism / 11 Apr 2017 / 1 Comment » Comments

By Zoe Dondero/LHHS Journalism Student:

Walking in, students are greeted by the sounds of saws. They grab their safety goggles and get to work. Little sparks of wood fly from different directions. At first, this may sound like construction class, but it is an advanced cabinet making class at the Lake Havasu High School.

While it may be called cabinet making, student don’t just make cabinets. “I normally build dressers and night stands,” said junior Derryk Von Kolen, who’s been in the class since his freshman year. Students who are interested in this class begin with fundamentals of cabinet making and make their way through introduction to cabinet making to get to advanced.


photo courtesy LHHS Student Parker Kross

“It’s an addiction to me,” said Von Kolen. “I’m always wondering what the next project’s gonna be.”

For junior Daniel Messer, it’s the satisfaction of completion. “Finishing a project and getting to take it home for my family to see is my favorite part,” said Messer.

Kirk Shaffer, who teaches the classes, said he enjoys working with the kids and watching them grow from freshmen to seniors. “I related to these types of kids in college and when you teach this job, it gives you the ability to do something outside of the classroom,” said Shaffer.

photo courtesy LHHS Student Parker Kross

Though the process of building furniture seems tedious, the students make it sound simple. “I just print out the plans online and start following the plans and cutting the wood. Then I nail it and glue it all together,” said Messer.

Although the students usually keep their work or sell it online, it can sometimes be found at Eclectic Avenue. Eclectic Avenue is a business filled with unique, often repurposed items, located at 2735 Maricopa Ave.

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  1. Alan says:

    What a great class, I loved shop class way back in the 70’s and learned a lot of useful skills. Love to build stuff still.

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