Students’ Knowledge Soars Learning Hot Air Balloon Mechanics

Students’ Knowledge Soars Learning Hot Air Balloon Mechanics
RSM Team / 17 Jan 2017 / No Comments » Comments

By Jacob Crane/LHHS Journalism Student

Flying high above the clouds, hearing the wind blow and feeling the heat from the burner graze your skin, could bring exhilaration in one’s life.

Doug Lenberg laughs in enjoyment with the Nautilus sixth graders. Jacob Crane/LHHS

Most people only get to have this experience once in a lifetime, but for professional hot air balloon pilots, this feeling is an everyday enjoyment.

On Jan. 12, Doug Lenberg and his crew visited Nautilus Elementary School and presented the mechanics of how a hot air balloon is able to fly considering its structure. Because of weather conditions, the students couldn’t witness the inflation of the balloon.

However, they did climb into the basket, turn on the burners and watch the bright, hot flames soar above them.

A sixth grader shows his enjoyment for the presentation of the balloon mechanics. Jacob Crane/LHHS

Pilot Doug Lenberg showcases the power of the burners as the children scream in excitement and surprise. Jacob Crane/LHHS

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