Summer Fun For Kids At The Lake Havasu Museum Of History

Summer Fun For Kids At The Lake Havasu Museum Of History
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When the last bell rings calling students to class, something transforms the center section of the Lake Havasu Museum of History to a kid’s summer fun and learning space. It is a great place to beat the heat and enjoy history and nature.

It’s time again for the Lake Havasu Museum of History educational exhibit with a variety of fun activities for children.

Some of the same activities which have been enjoyed in past summers – checkers, Havasu-opoly, activity sheets, pet rock adoptions and the magnetic black sand – are still available.

One of the popular displays – the “Eyeclops” – will again be available. This magnifier allows a close-up look at crystals and rocks.

The lifecycle of a frog is depicted in this display. Photo courtesy Lake Havasu Museum of History

This year, a display which encourages thoughtful conversation about the important role of water in our desert environment has been added. How all life depends on water and how we use it is top of mind.

This will introduce the upcoming Smithsonian Museums on Main Street Water/Ways exhibit scheduled for Feb. 8 through March 22, 2020 at the Lake Havasu Museum of History. A weather- and water-related display has been placed near the front of the exhibit this year.

Each year new displays and interactive exhibits are added to captivate kids of all ages. Most are easily enjoyed with adult help; however, some extra supervision may be required, depending on the age of the child.

photo courtesy Lake Havasu Museum of History

The exhibits are set up around the central space in the museum. Each area has posters and signs with directions/information. The popular “Pet Rock Adoption Center” provides a choice of river rock, adoption registration and an opportunity to name, weigh and measure the chosen “adoptee.”

There are some exhibits requiring adult supervision within the center area. An adult should be accompanying the children participating in the fun. For children  under 3, please watch for small objects which might be put in the mouth. Please Note: Most displays around the exterior of the museum are not “hands-on,” so please look, and do not touch where indicated.  However, the middle area is meant to be hands-on, so feel free to touch and to enjoy these interactive activities.

photo courtesy Lake Havasu Museum of History

As each child leaves, they can select a gift-wrapped rock from the basket behind the docent desk. If they are curious about what the rock is, the display on the pedestal identifies the various rocks.

So, there are a couple of things kids can leave with:  the “mystery” (gift-wrapped) rock, a pet rock, and any of the items on the take-away table. The Water/Ways coloring book is located in the basket on that table. There are also several items for sale in our museum store which accompany the summer exhibit.

The museum is open daily Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Adults are $7.50 for non-members.  Members and children under 12 are admitted free. This exhibit will be available through August. The museum is located at 320 London Bridge Road. For more information, call 928-854-4938.


The saguaro is home to many desert dwellers. Photo courtesy Lake Havasu Museum of History


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