Teens Create Productive Summer

Teens Create Productive Summer
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By Zoe Dondero/LHHS Journalism Student:

School has wound down and the heat has turned up. It’s officially summer. Now that school’s out, there are numerous ways students can spend their summer. Many travel, swim, or even just sleep, but some decide to devote their time to work.

Why, you may ask.

“The feeling of accomplishment when you work on something all day and finally get to see it done,” said junior Max Warner, who works in construction with his uncle.

Although most students associate summer with sleeping in, this is not the case for Warner. At 4:30 a.m., he wakes up and pours concrete till 2 p.m. Warner went on to say that working teaches him life skills he’ll need in the future.

However, most teen occupations do not have such extreme hours. Lexi Adams, a senior at Lake Havasu High School, is a life guard at the aquatic center. Her job allows her to teach and assist with swim lessons as well as look after the pool and prevent accidents.

Lexi Adams, a lifeguard at the Aquatic Center, watches over the water slide. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Obtaining her job was no easy feat. “I had to get certified to be a swim instructor… and that was at least 10 hours of certification,” said Adams. She also completed a CPR course to take on the job.

All those long hours were worth it to Adams. “I love … connecting with the kids at the pool,” explains Adams.

Many students are employed at the London Bridge Resort. Elescka Franz, a sophomore at LHHS, recently just started working there as a slide attendant. “Veterans… showed me the way around and how to do things in certain situations,” said Franz. As slide attendant, Franz plans and manages activities like root beer floats and movie nights for the hotel guests as well as ensuring guests go down the slide safely. “It’s pretty easy, fun, and no stress” said Franz.

Work may be difficult, but teenagers like these seem to make the most of their job and their summer.


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