Kindergartners of Mrs. Miller’s class at Telesis Preparatory Academy recently worked on a sharing activity within their classroom that provoked discussion about what Thanksgiving means to them and what is their favorite thing about the day. These are some of the students’ responses:

“What I like about Thanksgiving is about the lunch, I like the chicken … I like the turkey, I mean.” – Caden Gehring


“I like having time with my mom and dad.” – Madeline Cano


“The giving.” – RJ Sauzedde


“I like playing with my friends and my cousins.” – Genalee Swanson


“I like seeing my family.” – Chaiselyn Rohn


“ I like it because of my Grandma Sue.” – Madison Whitefield


“I like spending time with my mom and dad.” – Brielle Snedeker


“We’re going on a trip to Disneyland on Thanksgiving Day.” – Faythe Shumake


“I give food to other people.” – Hazza Jama Osmon


“I get some good turkey; my mom makes me good turkey.” – Alexander Watson


“I like spending time with my parents.” – Alexander Bleizeffer


“I like playing in the leaves.” – Brooklyn Ellington


“I like playing with my mommy and daddy.” – Bentlie Kelley




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