The Mohave County Master Gardeners Are Here To Help Your Garden Grow

The Mohave County Master Gardeners Are Here To Help Your Garden Grow
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By Grace Usher

Who knew there are more than 250 types of agave cactus in Arizona? Or that many plants need an iron supplement in order to sustain in the mineral-deficient soils of Lake Havasu? Many home gardeners have the inspiration to start their plant projects but lack the wisdom to maintain a healthy garden. The Mohave Master Gardeners are here to help.

The Lake Havasu City Master Gardeners were founded in 1991 as an extension of the Mohave County Master Gardeners. The Mohave County district of the national organization covers Lake Havasu City, Bullhead City and Kingman.

The Master Gardeners are a cooperative of the University of Arizona.

master gardeners

Photo courtesy Don Bergen

To become a Master Gardener, members have to undergo a 13-week course organized as an extension program of U of A. The condensed course covers topics such as horticulture, botany, pest control and geology. The training is led by professors from Arizona and Nevada universities.

“The wide range enables us to teach and train residents on how to grow better plants. [Master Gardeners] is all about trying to aide residents in their gardening experience” said Sharon Gomez, co-coordinator of the Lake Havasu Master Gardeners.

The classes generally take place at one of the three Mohave Community College campuses around Mohave County. The most recent of which was held in Bullhead City.

Once the members complete their course, he or she is considered a “Master Gardener” as well as an extension staff member of the University of Arizona.

In addition to the one-time course, the members continue their education yearly with various classes to keep knowledge up to date.

When they have completed training, the Master Gardeners are ready to share their knowledge with the community. During the first Tuesday of each month, the Gardeners arranged a panel at the Mohave County Library of Lake Havasu. Here, residents can bring their plant predicaments to the group for assessment and advice.

In order to get the best assessment possible, the group asks that participants bring either a picture or a trimming of the plant.

“Most problems are caused by improper watering” said Carol Bruch.

The meet-ups are free and open to the public. In addition to the monthly meet-ups, Master Gardeners make house calls at no charge.  The group also has informational booths set up at the yearly Home Show and Winterfest.

The Master Gardeners that helped with the Community Gardent (left to right): Dianne Huenerbein, Dan Alberts, Carol Bruch, and Sharon Gomez. Grace Usher/RiverScene

They Master Gardeners themselves also have a monthly meeting in which they discuss current and upcoming projects. Most recently, the team played a vital role in the construction of the Community Garden in cooperation with New Horzions on Moyo Drive. They have also be advising the students of ASU on their community garden project on campus.

Dan Alberts and Sharon Gomez are the current co-coordinators of the group.

Master Gardeners posess a wide array of knowledge in gardening, design, vegetables, citrus, cactus/succulents and more. Come visit them with any questions, or with an interest to grow,

Monthly Meet-Ups

Mohave County Library, Lake Havasu City Branch

First Tuesday of the month

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

For more information on become a Master Gardener, please visit:

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2 Responses to “The Mohave County Master Gardeners Are Here To Help Your Garden Grow”

  1. Sharon Gomez says:

    Thanks, Grace for the great article. The Master Gardeners love that you are helping get the word out to the citizens of LHC about our activities.

  2. Penny Leistiko says:

    I planted Mesquite Tree last Feb and would much appreciate some guidance re trimming and watering. It looked much better last April ie more leaves. The leaves on it do look healthy.
    Thank You,
    Call or text 406 871-9968

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