The Views Hits It Out Of The Park With COVID-19 Response

The Views Hits It Out Of The Park With COVID-19 Response
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When the deadly novel coronavirus COVID-19 made its way across the United States, it forced a lot of people to roll up their sleeves and think outside the box to ensure that those in their care are protected.

The folks at The Views in Lake Havasu City took on the challenge head on and early. Senior living facilities have been often hit the hardest, but not The Views.

And the result of their prompt action was that only one of their more than 40 residents contracted COVID-19 and that one resident recovered quickly and completely.

The Views’ Executive Director Jeffrey Main said, “Since the pandemic broke out in March, The Views had one case that happened at the end of April 2020. The resident had taken a trip out to Bullhead City and contracted when she returned.

“With this, our team assessed her condition upon arrival, took her temperature and confirmed she needed to go to the emergency room, where medics diagnosed her with COVID-19. Our team reached out to local CDC experts with protocols and instructions to handle this case in such a sensitive environment,” he said.

Main added that staff took all measures recommended and quarantined the resident for 14 days to her residency.

“From that point, the resident was cleared of all illnesses and successfully released from quarantine without any further infections in the building of residents or staff members and have not had a case since that point,” Main said.

“When COVID-19 broke out in March, staff immediately implemented strict protocols throughout the building. Open dining, activities, visitations and all large gatherings were immediately suspended.”

Main said The Views’ staff were given strict assessments when entering the building, having their temperature taken, masks on, sanitizing their hands at the front desk and only access through the front doors.

Trinity Stone checks Abbi Sallmon’s temperature at the front desk. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Following all CDC protocols, it was mandatory for any staff members who were traveling out of the city to notify management immediately and would be on a 14-day leave from the day they returned before coming back to work. Any staff members who called out ill were required to take a COVID test with results before they came back to work, or they would be placed on an additional 14-day leave.

Main said, “Throughout the facility, staff amped up supplies for sanitation at many of the high traffic areas in the building. Throughout the process, staff offered transportation for shopping, doctor visits and general daily errands giving each resident a facemask and a bottle of sanitizer each time they left the building.”

Staff and management hosted several Q&A sessions with residents on a weekly basis to educate and stress the importance of staying safe and strong preventive measures.

Staff were given several reminders, flyers and meetings about strong prevention, sanitation and general CDC compliance regarding the virus.

“Through this time even up until today, The Views continues to take preventive measures even as restrictions begin to lessen. Any visitors, vendors or public access guests must be temperature screened, wear a mask, and sanitize upon entering the common areas.”

Main said all protocol, wearing masks and social distancing has been in practice since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Our restaurant remains compliant with social distance policies and strong, everyday implementation of health department standards as well as offering in-room dining for those not comfortable eating in common areas. Since raising the level of prevention and making residents, staff, and guests more aware, we can say that we have successfully combated this pandemic and have not allowed this to take over our operation.”

Main said, “Given the sensitive nature of the business we operate at The Views, I commend both residents and staff for taking these preventive measures the last six months.”

Main estimates that activities are about 80 percent “back to normal.” While visitors were not allowed in the early days, residents may now entertain guests who must go through the same entry procedure as staff.

Corra Smith wears a mask and gloves to protect the residents at The Views. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

In fact, the day RiverScene spoke with Main, residents were offered the luxury of traveling to a local grocery store while observing all the protocols that are in place.

The Views’ hard work has garnered the facility COVID-19 success with prevention, maintaining and structure since the pandemic broke out.

“During this period of time, despite COVID’s crippling effects, The Views has continued to press forward, adding 11 new occupants since the month of May,” Main said.

For more information about The Views in Lake Havasu City, call 928-600-4743 or visit their website at

The Views residents play Wii Bowling to stay active with staff cheering them on. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

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4 Responses to “The Views Hits It Out Of The Park With COVID-19 Response”

  1. Dianne says:

    Koodo’s to all the staff and residents, I was a Long Term Care Administrator before retiring. It’s a hard and challenging job you do, at times few or no thank you’s. You guys are great and be proud of your accomplishments.

  2. This is a wonderful place to live. I wish I had the funds to move in. 😊


    Great article. So glad there is a facility like this that took things seriously and cared about their residents. Good job, Views!

  4. Dustin says:

    I love this place they are amazing over there!

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