The Yarn Bomb Trio Takes The Concept To The Next Level

The Yarn Bomb Trio Takes The Concept To The Next Level
Becky Maxedon / 20 Jan 2022 / 2 Comments » Comments

By Becky Maxedon

Most Lake Havasu City residents and visitors alike have noticed the yarn wraps that occur around town on certain occasions.

In 2011, a group who enjoyed knitting formed the Knotty Knitters. The group quietly does a lot of charity knitting – cancer beanies, homeless veterans’ hats and scarves, baby Afghans and more.

Not so quietly, the Knotty Knitters have been yarn bombing around town for about 10 years. The first year, they bombed Rotary Park, then Red Onion and now the McCulloch Boulevard block that houses Grace Arts and KAWS.

The groups usually bombs around Christmas and Halloween.

And they haven’t gone unnoticed by a younger group of folks.

One of the Knitters, Linda Scoles said, “At Christmas, this no name band saw our yarn bombing and were inspired to name their band the Yarn Bomb Trio.

The Knotty Knitters and the Yarn Bomb Trio took a moment to pose for this photo. They are from left, Phoebe Miller, Sara Stoltz, Ginny Strum, Karen Bryant, Marylou Tassinari, Cheryl Smit (back), Jorden Harms,, Colton Miller (drums), Xandria Gregory, Gail Habrat, Colleen Hoover, Linda Scoles, Margaret Schlemmer and Roxanne McNamara. Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

Scoles said she was contacted by one of the band member’s fathers to inquire about the possibility of the group yarn-bombing the band.

“We were so excited and completely honored to do this. They wanted the bright neon colors  … they were so much fun and a great group,” she said.

The Yarn Bomb Trio consists of Colton Miller on drums, Xandria Gregory, bass guitar, and Jorden Harris, guitar.

Their Facebook page describes them this way. “Not your average band; Yarn Bomb Trio is a good time looking for a place to happen. An eclectic mix of music that spans the ages and draws from most genres. Our basic approach: When we find fun, uplifting songs that we like, we play them. And we’re betting that you’ll like them to. So put on a smile and come join us at our next local event.”

The Knotty Knitters did their very best to outfit the Yarn Bomb Trio with the greatest neon knitted outfits.

You can find more information about the Yarn Bomb Trio on their Facebook page. The Knotty Knitters meet at the Lake Havasu City Public Library every Monday at 12:30 p.m., if it is not a holiday. You can get more information about the Knotty Knitters on their Facebook page.

Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

Photo courtesy Knotty Knitters

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2 Responses to “The Yarn Bomb Trio Takes The Concept To The Next Level”

  1. Jim Harms says:

    Love it. I cant wait to hear the band.

  2. Crystalynn says:

    I love this! I’m not from the area but am friends with Jordan and Xandria and this article and photos made my day! High fives from Kansas!

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