There’s a New Boss at the Desert Hills Fire House

There’s a New Boss at the Desert Hills Fire House
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Bill Weber Jillian Danielson/Riverscene

Bill Weber Jillian Danielson/Riverscene

There’s a New Boss at the Desert Hills Fire house.

As another work day begins for new Desert Hills Fire Chief Bill Weber, he looks forward to learning the ropes in his new position after he was appointed six months ago.
In July 2014, the Desert Hills Fire District Board of Directors voted to dismiss the department’s chief of more than 20 years, Mathew Espinoza, who had worked at the fire district for 28 years.
That’s when former battalion Chief Bill Weber was promoted to chief and took over the Desert Hills fire Department.

“I’ve been a firefighter for many years,” Weber said. “I’m new in my current position and I am excited to be involved with the changes that will go on here.”

Weber started his career immediately after high school as volunteer firefighter. Prior to working in Lake Havasu City, Weber spent his youth in Wisconsin. When his father relocated for a job, that’s when Weber and his family began a new life in Lake Havasu City. Between the busy schedule and the constant phone calls at the firehouse, Weber took some time to speak about his feelings about being appointed chief and about the career.

What is the best part of being in your particular profession?
“I think the most interesting part of my job is not knowing what the day will bring. The situations at work are different every day.”

Did you know early on you wanted to enter this profession?
“I knew that I wanted to help people early on.My dad was in the medical field so I think that influenced me to pursue something similar. Originally, I planned to become a paramedic but at the time, there were no openings so that’s when I turned to signing up with the fire department and have stuck with it for almost 19 years now.”

What is your favorite part of living in Lake Havasu City?
“I like the weather. It is great out here and there are many outdoor activities to do here. We also have the lake to look at. I just love it here.”

When you are not busy at work, what are some of the things you like to do during your spare time?
“I like to go out to the lake during the summer time and mainly just relax any time I can when I’m off work. Actually relaxing, especially when you are in an extremely busy line of work, is my top favorite thing to do these days.”

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