The Thunderbolt Middle School Thundercats competed in a cross country invitational with seven schools Saturday morning.

The invitational was at ASU Lake Havasu.

photo courtesy Barb Stevenson

Here are the results:


  1. Lilly Ochoa, WCMS
  2. Savannah Pickering, WCMS
  3. Karaleigh Kanthack, Kingman Academy of Learning
  4. Gloriana Collier, Needles
  5. Kiersten Vaughn, WCMS
  6. Annie Carr, ECA
  7. Gia Collier, Needles
  8. Riley Ott , WCMS
  9. Sophie Daughty, Kingman Academy of Learning
  10. Lorena Hansen, Thunderbolt Middle School



  1. Wyatt Pickering, WCMS
  2. Thad Cocke, Kingman Academy of Learning
  3. Avel Flores, Fox Creek
  4. Gage Lawerence, Thunderbolt Middle School
  5. Zane Foster, Fox Creek
  6. Ethan Bremmer, WCMS
  7. Ethan Trejo, Thunderbolt Middle School
  8. Jacob Batty, Kingman Academy of Learning
  9. Mikah Kanthack , Kingman Academy of Learning
  10. Kelan Phillips, Needles

photo courtesy Barb Stevenson

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